Five Money-saving Eco-Friendly Office Gadgets

By | May 24, 2010

Introduction: Dan Harrison of EnviroGadget has taken time out of his busy schedule to guest post on Small Business Tech. As well as reading this post, I highly recommend you visit the EnviroGadget blog and follow Dan on twitter. He’s a down to earth tech and worth following. Thank you Dan for this guest post.

Going green with eco-friendly products benefits the planet and it can also be a useful tool in cutting office operating costs. Environmentally conscious offices now have the option of selecting eco-friendly office gadgets to replace old ones that suck up electricity and pump out waste, and just because these products are ?green,? doesn?t mean they sacrifice usefulness or productivity. Here are five amazing eco-friendly office gadgets that will make you feel even better about saving money.

1. D1 Mini Atom PC

Despite this tiny PC?s size (it?s as tall as a roll of scotch tape and measures 20cm by 30.5cm), the D1 Mini Atom PC packs the punch of any traditional desktop computer. This micro-machine was designed for office workers and runs Windows 7 and office suite software on its 2 x 1.66 GHz processor, while consistently using less than 28 watts of electricity. The D1 is 67% smaller, weighs less, and uses far less juice than its closest competitors. And if the customer decides on the super fast SSD hard drive, the D1 doesn?t make a sound (no fan, it uses passive cooling). The D1 uses 80% less energy than other small form PCs, which can cut utility costs and keep energy from being wasted on clunky, old computers.

2. Cables Unlimited Eco-Friendly Battery-Free USB Wireless Optical Mouse

Wire-free, check. Battery-free, check. What? Check out this innovative wireless mouse that has eliminated the need to keep tossing dead batteries in the trashcan. When wireless mice first hit the scene, office workers cheered, but the landfills groaned as more and more disposable batteries were being tossed. This eco-friendly mouse gets its power directly from its mouse pad using RFID technology. Don?t worry about how it works, just think about how much money will be saved when replacing dead batteries is a thing of the past. The mouse has two scroll wheels and six buttons, which will certainly fit the needs of the average office employee.

3. Move Eco Plus DAB Radio

The Move Eco Plus rechargeable DAB digital and FM radio would fit brilliantly on any desk. Use the built-in speaker or headphone jack to stay entertained throughout the week, as this portable radio can play 40 hours of digital music on a single charge. Stay in tune and save some electricity with the Move Eco Plus DAB Radio.

4. EcoStapler

If there were some alternative to metal staples, offices could save on supplies and the planet would waste less metal. The inventive EcoStapler uses no staples and can clip up to three sheets, using a folding technique, in a single squeeze. It costs about as much as a traditional stapler and is perfect for attaching memos and cheques, while eliminating the need for paperclips.

5. Desktop Water-Powered Calculator

This is one cool calculator. Fill it with a splash of water every few months and this calculator is ready to crunch some numbers. Its electrodes power the calculator?s 12-digit display without a single battery, how neat is that? This product is sure to revolutionize the eco-friendly market.

We hope you enjoyed this article. This is a guest article by Dan Harrison who’s into green gadgets in a big way! Dan writes about low power PCs and eco gadgets on a daily basis, and always tries to use eco-friendly alternatives when buying green gadgets.

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    Sadly, I don’t think electroylsis will provide enough energy in any practical sense for a laptop. The battery might be as large as 2 cars (at a guess!). Laptops remain one of the challenges in eco-friendly gadgets, as they require so much power, the small solar-powered chargers usually can’t power it.

    That said, if you’ve got some leg power, look at this:

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