Four Easy Ways To Earn Links To Your Website

By | February 5, 2011

Getting links into your website will not only improve your chances of success in the search engines, it will also improve your online brand and referral traffic to your website. There’s a lot of debate in the SEO world with regards to the best ways of building links to your website and this post will highlight a few ideas that I believe provide value and at the same time can be implemented by anyone.

Ask Existing Business Contacts

There’s a good chance that many of your existing business contacts will have websites and therefore the ability to link to you. It might be worth starting this with a bit of a brain storm to collect a list of people you could try and approach. Think about suppliers, clients, partners…anyone you come in to contact with whilst carrying out your usual business.

Relevant Niche Websites

Every industry will have a certain number of websites that discuss the ins and outs of the business you are in. These could be blogs, forums or industry bodies. Even if you operate in a relatively small niche there are likely to be websites interested in what you are doing. The trick here is to make sure your website will add value to theirs. It’s extremely unlikely that anyone will want to link to you if your content is rubbish, so try to make sure that you provide useful and interesting information. This will increase your chances of gaining links by a very long way.

Distribute A Press Release

This technique is really focusing on gaining links from relevant news sites and blogs. If you choose to write a press release, make sure it’s not a blatant advertisement for your product and actually make it news-worthy. Perhaps you’ve done some research or got involved raising money for a local charity? Once you have your news piece written start approaching relevant journalists and bloggers to see if they’d be interested in covering your story.


Directory submission has no doubt become one of the more controversial areas of SEO and there is certainly a limit to the amount of benefit they provide. However, I still see the benefit of submitting your website to directories relevant to the business you are in. Don’t go mad and submit your website to every directory you can find as this will be a big waste of time. However, searching out relevant directories and being selective over your submissions is definitely a great way to build links to your site.

About me: I currently work as an SEO specialist for Us For Homes. Previously I have worked with a large range of business selling everything from gifts to software. Should you have any questions send me a tweet (@jonquinton1) and I’d be glad to help.