Frederique Murphy – Guiding you through transformation!

By | January 28, 2010

Honoured that Frederique Murphy a successful business owner has taken the time to be interviewed. Frederique’s passion and motivation is highly infectious and I recommend you not only taking the time to read this interview, but visiting her website and following on twitter.

Q. Thank you for doing this interview. Can you please tell SBT readers what you do for a living?
My pleasure, thanks for having me, I am delighted to be able to contribute! I run my own business, which I founded 2 years ago to focus on my passion: transformation. I believe in guiding my clients through change, making them embrace, manage and maintain it! Whether working for small or large organisations or with individuals, I coach my clients to help them find solutions to the challenges that they face as they transform themselves and their organisation. This work had led me to develop the “Mountain Moving Mindset” programme, where I empower business owners, entrepreneurs and solo-preneurs to master their mindset, so that they can move mountains and bring their businesses to the next level! I share this programme through my coaching sessions, my published articles, my blog and my newsletters. And, now, I am actually really pleased to say that I am taking the M3 programme a step farther by announcing my upcoming live event, where I will teach and transfer the same skills, attitudes and systems that work for me to 30 business owners ready to reach new heights!

Q. Do you feel that technology, can at times hinder people’s ability to ‘grow’ as individuals and be successful?
At times, yes! Before having my own business, I was a full-time communications and change management consultant and worked on IT programmes and projects, mainly on ERP implementations. I believe that you cannot grow or get growth unless you change and step out of your comfort zone and as a general fact, we, men and women, do not like change and resist to it! And, from experience, technology, when first introduced can scare people off, because it is new. This is why you have people like me who specialise in change management, so that we can come onboard, help through the process and guide them though their transformation and get them the growth and results they aspire to.

Q. Can any individual, from the small baker to I.T. technician benefit from coaching and in turn ‘reward’ his organisation?
Absolutely! All of us, and I do include myself, as I do have my own coach, can benefit from coaching. A coach’s mission is to help you be the person you really want to be by guiding you from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow and what steps you need to take to get there. Thanks to coaching sessions, we can all focus on us and our business and work towards achieving our desired results and realising our dreams and aspirations while tackling “us” and whatever is going on in our mind! Most successful business owners have a coach and it is no coincidence; it is proven fact that when you invest in yourself, your business will be rewarded.

Q. In these tough economic times, should small businesses be investing in coaching?

Particularly in these times! A coach can help business owners realise that they are in charge of their own economy and can make it happen no matter what; there are lots of businesses out there that are thriving right now and I am one of them, I’ve launched at apparently ” the worst time ever” and I have been very successful ever since.

Q. How has technology helped you ‘connect’ with your clients and is it changing with the availability of more high profiled social networks and technologies such as VoIP services (i.e. skype)?
I love technology as it brings people closer; with technology, you get to meet new people at the click of a button and people from all over the world. On the social media front, I am using the “fabulous 4” as my mentor called them: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn. I also use Skype to talk with my clients and have our sessions. And, as I frequently host live teleseminars, I used online teleseminar facilities, so that people can listen in on their computer, which makes it really free for them!

Q. How can people find out more about your business and connect with you?
I am currently offering a special 2-part teleseminar series; on these free calls, I will be revealing how to get results after results in 2010!!! If there is one thing I know how to do, is to get results! You can sign up for free at And by signing up for these calls, you will also start receiving my weekly M3 Power newsletter, which was especially created for individuals who want to take their life and their business to a whole new level!