Free images for business, charity and personal use

By | November 23, 2010

A blog post looks better with an image. A website template can often go from dull to snazzy with just a quality header photo. Whatever you image requirement, finding quality photographs can make the difference.

There are many free or paid stock image resources available. Often though there is a quagmire to wade through. You can use this without modification, only with modification, you need to put a link to a site, give a credit to the creator, stand on one foot and pat your head and so forth. There are amazing licenses available though, most notable is the creative commons.

A while back I did my research after bumping into various restrictions and decided with my girlfriend to setup a free stock image / photograph website. Nothing fancy, no bells and whistles. A simple site providing two versions of each image, a small 500x web ready version and a larger 1280x version. No lar-di-dar post processing. If an image looks fantastic, awesome. If not you can modify yourself. Indeed many are meant to be modified.

With just two restrictions. Nobody can claim copyright or ownership, that belongs to my girlfriend and I. Simple really, just use for your business, charity and personal work. Put on a coaster, into that website header template, into the blog post, whatever.

So what is the downside? There are only currently 366 photographs available, but I’ve got hundreds more to sort and upload. It is a resource worth bookmarking, to check for updates and to check whether the right image for your project is there.

You can find the website here: