Get More Life With Your Mac Laptop Battery

By | March 16, 2009

One of the biggest problems Small Business Owners and Freelancers alike have these days when working on the go is laptop battery life. Now, I’m no expert with PCs, but I have quite a few tips that can help you get the most life out of your Mac laptops battery! Lets get started shall we?


Tip #1: Screen – Make sure when traveling around that your screens brightness is set appropriately. If your sitting in a well lit room, dim the brightness down in System Preferences or with the keyboard shortcut – it’ll save you a good chunk of power that can be used for other things. The same can be said for volume – if you don’t need to hear your computer, turn the volume down all the way or mute them so the speakers turn off.

Tip #2: Applications – Although we’d all love to be able to Photoshop or do video editing on the fly, theres no use trying if your looking to have your battery last. Although Macs are fairly capable in the editing and design catagory, doing these sorts of activities when on the go is a big strain on your processor and graphics card. Save the Photoshop for when your plugged in and use the battery for lighter activities such as browsing the web, managing your contacts and calendar, and word processing – these will keep your Mac running for a long time.

Tip #3: Less is More – When on the go, the less you have open is better. For example, background applications like the scrobbler or Evernote can run your battery life down, even when their not in use. Its best to disable these applications unless their absolutely necessary, and make sure when your not using the internet that your Airport Card is turned off. Handy apps such as Quicksilver can also help you do more with less: find the application or file your looking for without opening lots of power draining Finder windows or other applications, scan anywhere on your computer for notes, images or music, compose emails, run Terminal scripts, or browse to a website bookmark! Always be on the lookout for time saving apps, because everything you do adds up and can take its toll on your battery!

Tip #4: Charge Appropriately – We all want our Macs batteries to last a long time, so make sure when your charging your computer that you do it at an appropriate time. Let the battery run down before charging it – doing so will keep the batterys memory lasting longer. Remember: Mac batteries are only good for 300 full cycles (from 100% to 0% charge is 1 cycle), so make sure your not continuously charging it when it might not need to be!

Tip #5: Storage – If your not going to be using your laptop for awhile, or you won’t have your Mac laptop leaving your desk, make sure to store your battery away to prolong its lifespan. When storing your battery, its proper to run it down to about 50% of its capacity and then store in a cool, dry location (ie a drawer or perhaps the box your Mac shipped in).

Thats about it for my battery saving tips, I hope they’re of use to you and they help you save lots of energy for those important work meetings!

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