Give your website some oomph!

By | August 19, 2012

A website can by any number of things, but most would agree it should be informative, providing the content that a person seeks, or a means to obtain something. However what many websites fail at, is to provide a good user experience. A website needs some ‘oomph!’.

You need to quickly impress your website visitors, regardless of their landing page.

When someone visits a website they will quickly form an opinion. Your website in most instances, has a short period of time to impress, and unlike shopping in a town where the next suitable shop might be a street or two away, with regard to websites, the next place to visit is only a click or two away.

So when someone lands on your site, regardless of which web page or blog post they entered via, you need to be off the starting blocks quickly, and providing the user experience not only that they expect, but going further, and giving your website some serious oomph!

A visitor is not just limited to viewing your site via a desktop monitor, but can be a laptop or tablet, and now more often a mobile phone. The person visiting could be parked in their car, sheltering from the rain for a few minutes. They could be curled up on their sofa. The person could be at work, looking at your offerings over their mid-morning coffee, or any number of locations.

A website needs to be more than just visual elements.

How and when a person visits your site, impacts the experience. The technology, the usability and obviously the accessibility matter. Not only that, but your site needs to load quickly, yet offer the range of features, ready at the person controls, enabling them to find what they desire. Today’s website technology can provide the user experience you require, if handled by the right developers and designers. Also for many popular content management systems, there are plugins which can work towards these objectives as well.

Make sure you work with the right website developers and designers.

In the world of websites, it is all about detail, and detail matters. Detail doesn’t translate to complex, but making sure you have the right parts, in your ‘website engine’, should have synergy with your web design. Website design and development, should ideally be handled by the same firm. The synergy of a website firm, can translate into your final website, and in turn, if handled by the right team, translate into a better website, that has ‘oomph!’. Even if you are not using a website firm to build and update your website, you should make sure your website does what intended, and enables your target visitors to action on your objectives.

I hope this article has given you something to think about.

About the guest post author: David blogs about Darlington website design services, when not eating cheese baguettes.