Go Green With Document Management Software

By | December 15, 2011

Before the IT revolution took place, offices had to make use of huge bundles of paper. Documents were stored in large store rooms, consisting of thousands of records and files. A lot of paper was used every day, because essentially, without a paper to write on, an office couldn’t function properly. However, thanks to the revolution of information technology, powerful word processors were brought in to the fray, reducing the need for paper significantly, as it was now only used for printing purposes. People could now communicate with each other via LAN connection, and sending files and information from one computer to another became much easier than it used to be before. And now, with the help of document management software, handling and managing documents could not have been easier before.

The best part?

No paper is used in the process. Hence, the usage of less paper results in lesser amounts of trees being cut down, and so, we are indirectly working towards making the world a greener, much better place to live in. The best thing about using document management software in your office is that it allows you to stay rid of papers and files completely. A good document management software (like content central)will allow you to store as much files as you want, and it will automatically back them up in case of a breakdown. It comes pre-installed with powerful antivirus software which is able to detect threats and viruses before they are able to enter the database. The software has indexing and referencing capabilities too, so depending on the tags that are located within the article, it will automatically decide the category and give the article a unique serial number so that it becomes easy for the managers to withdraw them again without much of a hassle.

Go Green

A lot of offices and organizations are in full support of the ‘Go Green Movement’, and with the help of document management software, they can now implement on this task and actually try to adopt it. You can obviously print important documents whenever they are needed, but the capabilities of good document management software are such that it even allows you to ask for permission from a user for a contract or file, which is equal to getting the signatures of a manager. All of the documents are digitally signed and protected, so even if someone got access to them somehow, the files will not open up unless the encrypted password protection is by passed.

Document management software can be purchased, and some of them also provide cloud based services, so that all of your data will be uploaded online from a secure connection. This removes the hassle from the office about storing data in several hard disks in order to ensure that it does not get damaged quite easily. Cloud based services have to be purchased, and the size that you want on the online drive will determine the price that you pay as rent. However, they are much more feasible and remove a lot of worries.

About the Author: This guest post is written by Rifat Rahn. He is writing on uses of document management software.