Google Blog Search relaunched! Why you should use it

By | October 2, 2008

Google Blog Search has relaunched with a new homepage. So why should you care and indeed use it? Well you can tag surf with wordpress and find blogs via many other avenues. Is this just another way that will get lost in the mix?

No, I believe the answer is. ‘A’ because Google are doing it and ‘B’ because it presents a clean simple method to search across the spectrum of blogs. With cleanly displayed results sortable by date etc, what else would you expect from Google? I especially like the subscribe feature (subscribe to an atom or rss feed of your search!), that I intend to try out. Job well done I think and useful for any business or home user.

So should be another method for you to find relevant data, not just when you want to find a blog, but when you are doing your searches in general. Couple this with the fantastic Google Alerts and it is a great way of finding content.