Google Browser : Chrome to take on Internet Explorer

By | September 2, 2008

Google are launching an internet browser in 100 countries today for Microsoft Windows only. The browser called Chrome comes whilst Microsoft is still in the beta phrase of Internet Explorer 8. Whilst many are saying Microsoft’s latest browser is implementing features that already exist in their competitors such as Mozilla’s Firefox, it looks like people are more excited about using Google’s Chrome. The timing is perfect from a PR prospective.

Some features:

  • Windows only initially (MAC and Linux role out later)
  • Fast browser
  • Improved protection against rogue sites
  • Used components of Apple’s webkit and firefox
  • The code will be open source
  • Sandbox tab’s: so if an application / site crashes it won’t kill the whole browser
  • Google’s gears for offline working
  • Improved Javascript engine

Let’s take off our Google fan hats for a second. This browser is exciting development, but this is the first public release. I don’t recommend you role out for your business use yet, even though there are going to be features that make this so incredibly tempting. Let the rest of the internet consume, digest and use the browser for a short while before rolling it out to business laptops and desktops. Google does keep projects in beta for long periods, so waiting for a full release might be going too far, but prudence is important with regard to security.

Okay Google fan hat back on… Many people have their browsers open all day and how we use our browsers has been adapting for quite some time. From remote desktop connections via browser windows to contact management and IM chat among other ways you can use your browser. This browser appears it will take this further. Their are hints that the way you manage your tabs will be different, perhaps in the direction of providing a desktop type experience? I am looking forward to how this browser improves upon my connectivity experience, especially once Apple Mac and Linux versions are rolled out as I personally prefer Ubuntu’s linux.

Let’s not rule Firefox out either. Firefox is a fantastic browser with amazing features and a huge selection of add on applications available. With Chrome being released and open source, it can only help to improve Firefox further, but does concern me it will dent firefox’s increasing share of the browser market.

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