Google Chrome: Dion Rodrigues thoughts on the new browser

By | September 3, 2008

Google Chrome Logo

Dion Rodrigues’ Thoughts on the new Chrome Browser:

– Scripts are handled exceptionally in Chrome and run faster then I’ve ever seen.
– UI is pleasing and simple to use for all levels of internet users.
– Rendering of pages is also exceptionally well done.
– All queries are sent from the Omnibox straight to Google search; no automatic .com formatting. This gets a bit frustrating at times.
– Overall browser speed is great, possibly faster then Firefox 3.
– Chrome task manager makes managing the performance of the browser easier then ever; stats for geeks is also a nice touch 🙂 The recovery and management of processes (including killed ones) is one of a kind.
– Incredibly in-depth debug environment for developers!
– Browser has very strong security settings that don’t annoy the user (ie: no cookie or password popups). Incognito browsing mode is great for security and surfing important or private information in public places (ie: work).

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