Google’s Nexus One vs Apple’s iPhone – Who Will Win?

By | February 3, 2010

Its been a long time since my last posts, as lately my client repetoire has ramped up greatly and I’ve been swamped by work, but through the unfortunate experience of breaking my iPhone (of course by accident, I took great care of the device otherwise) I was lucky enough to purchase Google’s new Nexus One smartphone.

The Nexus One has a slew of new features (like the new Android 2.1 OS, phone wide voice search, incredible multitasking support, and a full multitouch display) that a lot of other Android devices on the market don’t have and, in terms of speed and capability, really stands up against the iPhone’s (the 3GS and iPhone 3G included) on the market today.

Now, I’ve only had the device for a few days, but I can definitely say that my mobile productivity has increased greatly since switching from the iPhone already! The Nexus One is one of (if not) the fastest mobile phones available for purchase, with 512 MB of RAM and ROM and a 1 Ghz processor powering it, and because of this, and the Google Android OS’s ability to run multiple applications at at time, I’ve been able to scream through emails while surfing the web, listening to music, staying up to date on Facebook and Twitter, and taking notes in class, all at the same time, whereas on the iPhone I would have to jump from one app to the next individually, thus slowing down my work pace greatly (especially only on an iPhone 3G).

Another thing I will say is that the Google ecosystem just really seems to open up once you connect an Android device to your Google Account – suddenly things like Picasa, Google Voice and Maps, and so many other apps have new functionality and plug right into apps you’d already be using anyways. Its just a really easy and fun experience overall, and the way Android automatically backs up everything you do on the web for you, without any action on your behalf at all, is really convenient and great for when your always on the go.

I’ll leave you with a quick video of the Nexus One, and once I’ve spent a good amount of time with the phone I’ll definitely let you know if this device could truly be the toe-to-toe competitor of the iPhone we’ve all been waiting for!

The Google Nexus One – Unboxing And Quick Hands On Video

One thought on “Google’s Nexus One vs Apple’s iPhone – Who Will Win?

  1. Andrew

    Great post Dion.

    It’s good to read your comparison of the nexus versus iphone. It’s exciting and looking forward to seeing how these product lines move forward.

    The big mobile device giant out there in this market is nokia. It has more market share in this field than Apple or Google by a wide margin I believe and with Apple & Google nipping at it’s heels, it’s good competition, good for development and ultimately good for consumers.

    I think also others should take note of your blog post. You’ve spent a serious amount of time using Apple devices. Computers, ipod touch and I believe and at least a couple of iphones. So this isn’t a google fan or apple fan review, it’s a hands on unbiased practical review.

    I guess also the service providers you can use with these devices are just as important. Otherwise it’s just a brick. i.e. carriage charges, service availability and features.

    Look forward to more Nexus One posts.

    Best Regards


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