Google’s Not So Famous Products that Can make you say Wow

By | March 19, 2012

Google is best when it comes to innovation. They push the boundaries to come up with groundbreaking things that shape and form the world around us. Google web search is certainly its best signature product that does not need any introduction anymore, but there are some other awesome products under its sleeves that you might not even aware of. Majority of these not-so-famous products looks are in their development stage but despite that, they will amaze you with their jaw dropping features that will leave you ask for more. So, here we are going to give you a comprehensive list of Google products that you may not ever aware of:

Experimental Search: This is an extension of Google main web search and the only difference is that it will let you take a sneak peak into the future of search. The purpose of Experimental search is nothing but getting direct feedback from end users and sometimes, Google incorporates these experimental features in its main web search option. The only drawback of this experimental search is that you cannot participate in two features at a time.

Browser Size: This is another cool tool that very few web design and developer use these days. But this is a powerful tool that will let you analyze which part of your website is grabbing the most attention of the visitors. All you need to do is to put the URL and then hit the enter button and you will be good. It will automatically segment your websites into different sections highlighted in different colors to make it easier for you to make the right move.

Flight Finder: This is another addition cool addition to main web search but still fewer people are using it. It gives you real time data of the availability of different flights and there is option to book flight right from the search results. Moreover there is detail information about the probable arrival and departure time of flights that make the entire search experience truly awesome.

Page Speed: Google’s obsession with page is not anything unknown. So, here is the tool – Google Online page Speed checker that will help you make your website fast, really fast by doing some minor and something major tweaks here and there. It will judge your website based on certain factors and then come up with suggestions based on them. There are help articles available in case, you do not know how to leverage browsing cache or how to use CSS Spirite. All is there. Just start exploring.

Google Sketchup: This is a different ball of wax since this tool has nothing to do with the main search. It is a tool for designing and rendering them into 3D models. It does not matter whether you are designing a coffee cup or a skyscraper; Google SketchUp is definitely your cup of tea. Just try it and you will be asking for more for sure.

Google Scholar: Tried of wading through the muddle of half backed search results? If yes, conventional web search is not your ‘man’ anymore, you need to try something sublime and sophisticated. Try Google Scholar as it will let you scout for articles written by professionals from their respective fields. With this search, you will be able to find the best and more authoritative result. So, do not waste your time, try this now.

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