Green Web Hosting – Why Green Is Better

By | December 13, 2011

Who would have known that these power-hungry servers have their ways in making a better future. If you are starting your own web business or bringing back an old website, these green web hosting companies can give you a cheap alternative to conventional web hosting providers.

Why Go Green?

Although web content is displayed in your computer screen which saves a lot of trees for making books and magazines, there is another factor that make the internet un-friendly to the environment, electricity. It will take a lot of resources to power electricity in fact, in today’s time the amount of electricity consumption of servers increased dramatically because of new internet services like music downloads, video streaming, VoIP calls, and video-on demand.

The consumption of electricity for servers doubled over the period of 2000 to 2005 both in the US and worldwide. Associated with this growth is the growing number of inexpensive servers.

In United States alone, the total power used by servers is 0.6% in the US electricity consumption and when cooling and other infrastructure are added consumption grows to 1.2%. This is equivalent to TVs turned on simultaneously all over US.

The issue here is not only on the resources used in powering servers like the oil which is very expensive but also the effect of global warming happening because of massive electricity consumption of web hosting providers. Imagine how hot it is inside your room if you don’t have ventilation system turned on and you’ve been using the computer for hours. Well imagine if there are thousands of computers turned on for 25 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you opt for services from green web hosting providers, you are one of the websites that helped reduce the amount of power consumption, minimize the reliance of power grids by most web hosting provider, and reduces global warming. Moreover, you’ll help advocate the use of renewable resources to power-hungry businesses like these web hosting providers.

How will it benefit my website?

Web Hosting providers offering that has green web hosting have its own power plant since they will be the one to produce their own energy or rent a power from green power plants. Green power plants have lower electricity costs compared to relying on power grids for electricity, which means the green web hosting provider can give lower monthly costs to their web hosting services. Each month, expect to pay a minimum $3 for shared web hosting or a minimum of $8 for business web hosting.

How to know if they are really green?

It is easy for any web hosting provider to say they are green but it is hard to detect if these so-called “green web hosting” providers are actually telling the truth. Here is my top 3 web hosting provider list that are real green web hosting:


100% wind powered host offering unlimited disk space and bandwidth for just $4.50 per month.


100% wind-powered web hosting with unlimited disk space and bandwidth for only $4.67 per month.


300% green web hosting with unlimited disk space and bandwidth for only $4.95 per month.

About the guest blog post author: This article was written by Tom george, who is working as a .NET consultant. Tom help people to choose the best web hosting service.