Help promote your Small Business Tech guest post

If you’ve taken advantage of the guest post opportunity at Small Business Tech, there are many ways you can help promote the exclusive guest post.

Why help promote the guest post?

Whether you were after a couple of website links, exposure on a blog with 13,000+ Twitter followers or a mixture of reasons, promoting your guest post has a couple of benefits.

Firstly by helping to spread the word about your guest post, you can help increase visitor traffic to the article, which could result in more people clicking any links you placed within the article. These days the Editor ‘bolds’ external website links, making them even more viewable to readers.

Secondly by helping to promote the article there are search engine optimisation benefits for your links. Search engines are taking more notice of social networks, so by helping to spread the word you can help increase your post and its links exposure to search engines. You might even contribute to higher search engine placements, for both the guest post and the site(s) the links point to within the article.

So what can you do?

  1. Visit your guest post and click on the Twitter icon at the top of the article, to mention it in your Twitter stream. Else visit Small Business Tech on Twitter and retweet your guest post.
  2. Visit the Small Business Tech Facebook page and ‘like’ the page and article.
  3. Tell your LinkedIn connections about the guest post.
  4. Tell everyone on StumbleUpon about the article.
  5. ‘Pin’ the article on a Pinterest pinboard.
  6. Share the guest post link on any other social network you use.

Note: Articles are published directly to Twitter within seconds of publishing on the main website. They are published to the Facebook page within twelve hours of publication.

Advice for sharing your guest post on social network accounts.

Perhaps you wrote the guest post for a client. Maybe you don’t want to share the guest post on your personal or work social network accounts? Maybe you write guest posts as part of a marketing campaign for your own website?

Regardless of the reason for writing a post, by writing a guest post and not promoting it, you are missing an opportunity to increase the SEO potential of the article. It is well worth the time and effort to setup social network accounts specifically for sharing your guest post writing, if you don’t want to share on your main social network accounts.

If you don’t have enough time, there are ways you can help speed up the social network sharing process. Stumbleupon has an addon which you can install into popular desktop web browsers such as Firefox. Then all you have to do is click ‘I like it!’ from your toolbar. Pinterest has a toolbar button, that once dragged to your toolbar, means all you have to do is click ‘Pin it’ and write a description.

Please help promote your guest posts.

If you have written an exclusive guest post please help market the article. Plus once you’ve had a guest post published, you should submit further guest posts to the blog for consideration.

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