Hidden Online Store Optimization Techniques

By | December 22, 2011

Optimizing your online store is about more than having a great landing page. It’s about creating a comfortable experience for the visitor so that he’s compelled to make a purchase. Some of the things you do with your online store make this happen are intuitive; compelling copywriting and high-quality images go a long way toward instilling customer confidence.

Yet, there are other, less obvious elements to online store optimization you need to be concerned about. These hidden factors can make or break your online store. Simple changes like the ones discussed below can in some cases double your conversions.

Hidden online store optimization techniques fall into a couple of different categories:

1. Create customer confidence with advanced security measures.

There are a number of security measures you should be using in your online store. These not only protect your customer, they protect you from chargebacks. Perhaps most importantly, they instill a greater degree of confidence in your site.

Some of these measures include:

  • SSL
  • PCI-complaint shopping cart software
  • Address Verification Services (AVS)
  • CVV verification
  • Security monitoring

Implement all of these and then make sure your customer knows they’re there in order to maximize customer confidence and reduce cart abandonment.

2. Increase customer comfort with pleasing and functional aesthetics.

Your site’s aesthetics are about more than a few pretty pictures. You need to take the whole visual effect into account. Follow best practices such as:

  • Reducing visual noise
  • Using large, well-labeled buttons
  • Leaving plenty of white space by breaking up text
  • Avoiding evocative images
  • Using easy-to-read fonts and comfortable color schemes

If your page is aesthetically displeasing, you’re likely to have a significantly higher bounce rate – no matter how well-written your landing page might be.

A product that meets a need, good copy, quality images, and powerful marketing techniques are all important to your online store’s success; just don’t neglect security and aesthetics at their expense.

About the Guest Post Author: David Rodwell is writer in business and economics, taking a particular interest in credit card processing. You can find more of his articles located at CreditCardProcessing.net.

One thought on “Hidden Online Store Optimization Techniques

  1. Peter

    There are many more hidden optimization techniques too such as prominent contact details and clearly displaying the payment options on each page.

    Telling a person exactly where they are in the checkout process is another way to reduce cart abandonment rates along with keeping the checkout process as short as possible. One thing some sites do is get the payment upfront then ask for all the shipping and membership details after the payment – or better yet, grab the shipping details from the server postback and automatically generate the member account.

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