Hosted Desktop – Bring The Office To Your Mobile Device

By | December 7, 2011

Having a fixed desktop computer in the office is the norm for most people, and up until now, it has always made sense to work that way. But as technology moves on, it’s actually becoming more of a burden. As our working day becomes decentralised, we don’t want all of our data in one fixed geographic location. The convenience of having all of those documents, contacts, appointments, applications and emails on a desktop machine is now less of a benefit than it was a few years ago, and many companies are looking for a Hosted Desktop reseller to free their data from one location and make it available in the cloud.

The key difference is that we now connect and communicate in an entirely different way. Think of your own smartphone, or your tablet PC at home: you probably benefit from constant connection to the internet, whether it’s via Wi-Fi or a mobile network. You can run an app on your smartphone and access the same data that you access on the web, or on your desktop machine.

This shift in connectivity has enabled us to stay in touch everywhere we go. Internet connections are faster, more reliable and cheaper than ever. Data connections are available on most mobile devices, including the sophisticated smartphones that most of us carry in our pockets. The market for the iPad, and other tablet devices, is booming – purely because of increased network availability, 3G speeds, streaming media and free apps.

It’s all very well being constantly connected, but when your files are all located on one machine, it’s not very helpful. If you’re working from home in bad weather, or you need to access a file on a client site, you basically have one option: call the office and ask someone else to dig out a copy of the data you need. If you need access to an application that you don’t have on your laptop, you’re really going to be stuck. And if your laptop goes missing, you don’t have the option of using your smartphone to access your files.

With a Hosted Desktop solution, you can actually free your computer from the confines of your office and take it with you wherever you go. That’s because a Hosted Desktop acts in exactly the same way as a normal desktop, but it isn’t actually located on your desktop computer. A Hosted Desktop runs on a remote server, and that means it’s accessible from anywhere. You effectively view an ‘image’ of the desktop through a Viewer application, but everything behaves in exactly the same way. Not only can you run your Hosted Desktop from your computer, you can access a Hosted Desktop from a smartphone too. Gone are the days of carrying a laptop around, or using unencrypted USB memory sticks which can easily slip down the back of the sofa.

Depending on your Hosted Desktop provider, the choice of apps you can use may vary. For example, the Citrix Receiver app is available for desktop computers (Mac, Linux, UNIX and Windows), but you can also install a Citrix receiver app on your Windows Mobile, Blackberry, iOS (which includes the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch) or Android device. Clients are also available for Windows CE and for the Java platform. With Hosted Desktop, you can literally carry your desktop PC in your pocket and access everything you need on the go.

About the Guest post author:

James King is a technical writer for the Hosted Desktop provider, GoCloud Ltd.