How Can You Use Internet Technology to Better Your Business?

By | November 17, 2011

Internet providers are constantly vying with each other to bring you the best deals – 0 good news for us business owners! Whether you run a business from a business premises, or operate business from home, there are things in modern net provision (notably speed and protection) that let you take your own service provision to the next level.

All business, at base line, is about the service you are able to provide. With the whole consumer world connected to the internet, that service has to start and finish online.

Speed is an important part of modern service provision. Gone are the days when we were happy to wait for things – since the internet intruded into every corner of our lives we’ve been faced, as business people, with a choice – speed up or go down. As such, the speed of the connection delivered by your internet providers – specifically, the guaranteed speed – is of paramount importance to business that need a lot of data transfer to do their thing.

I’m lucky. I supply written files, which are extremely small. They are, if you like, my product. Even so, some internet providers round here are no good to me (I live in the country, where choosing the wrong internet provider is like picking the wrong route through a quicksand infested bog) – my old internet provider could only manage download speed in Kb ps!

Most businesses have websites (I don’t), which need a lot of bandwidth and a guaranteed download speed in order to provide their customers with the two things they expect – rapidly loading web pages, and secure web transactions. If you’re trying to support secure data transactions on a business or home business internet connection, you need to be able to guarantee your own customers an efficient worry free service – and that means being sure that the bandwidth occupied by your traffic isn’t suddenly going to fall to pieces.

Modern internet packages for home and office use make a big thing out of their speed. Some providers (Verizon is the fastest I have seen, with a fibre optic service offering 150MBps) deliver genuinely astonishing speeds: but you have to be aware of where in the country those speeds really work. You also need to be aware of potential caps (Comcast and AT&T have both capped use publicly, while the rest are thought to do it in private, without telling you when or how it happens) on “excessive” bandwidth.

Ideally, you should consider a business only package if you are primarily using the internet to run your business. You can find some excellent deals with local business-specific providers, some of whom may even have their own portions of cabling reserved (i.e. cable that will never see overspill from domestic use).

Your other alternative is to opt for a powerful combination package from nationwide internet providers, who can give you large average download speeds, multiple no charge email addresses and a suite of security controls. The average internet package will include firewall protection automatically – and of course you should also invest in an enterprise class security package. Talk to your site designer about fusing secure online payment with your own security package.

About the guest post author: Sara Parker is a Freelance and Staff writer who writes informative & creative articles on Television and Technology for Broadband Expert Group. Her expertises are in writing articles related to internet providers, Satellite TV deals, Satellite Connections, etc.