How many people have a backup of their web site?

By | April 30, 2009

From enterprise companies to an individual with a personal site, how many have their own backup of their site?

From the move for the majority of sites from uploading of static files to dynamically edited sites online, backup is unfortunately being overlooked. Scary as sites should be seen as an ‘asset’.

There are two types of backup you should be concerned with. The backup of content so you can roll back to previous versions if required and the ability to have an offline version of your content that can be restored or migrated to another host if need be and quickly.

Relying on your host or an out sourced web design team is not unfortunately wise. Your site is your data, your content and you need to have more control.

You also need to be weary of being locked into platforms that have no means to export your data to another system, should you wish to or have to move or a business hosting your content goes bust.

Recently I wrote a php module for a content management system for small web sites that makes a backup of the current content when an administrator logs in. Very simple and effective if coupled with a monthly regular backup. Plus the cms in question can be installed on other hosts quickly and easily.

With some cms platforms you can sometimes find modules to set automated backups or allow one click backups and offline downloading. However automation if secure is always wiser as this provides more regularly backups, taking away the need for someone to initiate.

There are many ways to implement a backup for a site and I won’t make this article too long and in-depth as there are even more reasons to have control and flexibility of your ‘data’.

So three simple questions to help get you started:
Can you do an offline backup of your site right now?
Do you have a recent offline backup of your site?
Could you quickly migrate an offline backup to a new hosting?

Don’t rely on someone else. It’s too important for that.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.