How Retailers are Going Mobile

By | July 31, 2011

These days, there’s a whole lot of talk about the way in which consumers are increasingly turning to mobile devices to enhance their shopping experiences. There is a flip side to that equation, though, and it involves retailers. Every day, new apps that can help retailers are being developed and improved. By taking advantage of mobile technology retailers can enhance efficiency, increase sales, connect with customers, and overall make their busy lives a bit easier. If you are looking for ways to make the most of emerging technology, turning to your iPhone, Android phone or other smartphone is a smart move. Here are just a few ways that retailers are using their mobile devices for their business today.


Robust Apps Make it Easier to Run a Successful Retail Business

If you think that apps are strictly designed for killing time while you’re waiting in line somewhere, think again. There are tons of apps that are specifically meant to enhance productivity, and many of them translate quite well over to the world of retail. Banking apps allow you to keep track of balances and transactions wherever you go; you can even make deposits through many of these apps too. A comprehensive suite of Google apps is available that allows you to keep tabs on your email, spreadsheets and other data. There are only a few apps out there specifically geared towards retailers, but many more are on the way. An example is Cashier Live’s iPhone Inventory app, which helps retailers count their inventory on hand and then sync it with their POS system. In just a month over 1,500 stores have counted their inventory using their app, so it seems like retailers are definitely ready to adopt mobile technology as it becomes available.


Staying in the Social Media Loop

Independent retailers are really embracing social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook to connect with their customers. If you don’t stay involved in social media, you could miss out on many great opportunities for engaging with your current or future customers. Furthermore, you will be out of the loop when it comes to what people are saying about your business. Instead of waiting until you are in front of a computer to learn what folks are saying, you can stay connected with mobile technology. All of the most popular social networking sites have high-quality apps that make it easy to stay in that all-important loop.


Sharing with the Team

It is important to keep your employees on the same page if you want to run a truly successful business. Holding regular meetings is great, but you can bolster your efforts by keeping everyone connected through mobile technology. One obvious example is email; when you are on the road, you can stay in touch with your staff through your mobile device via e-mail. If you use web-based POS software like Cashier Live, you can log in to generate reports, see sales data, or even check to see who’s clocked in. Retail is a hands on business, but using mobile technology to communicate with your employees gives store owners the peace of mind to leave the store once in a while!


Making the Most of Web-Based POS Systems

Web-based POS systems are revolutionizing the way in which retailers conduct business. It makes sense that mobile devices dovetail nicely with this form of technology. Instead of having to sit down at a laptop or desktop computer, you can access critical reports and other information from your iPhone or other device. Better still there are apps, like Cashier Live, that allow you to bring your POS system with you wherever there is an Internet connection. Making the most of a special event is a lot easier with this technology in hand.


Everybody’s Doing It – or Will be Soon

It is apparent that the vast majority of retail business owners will eventually use mobile technology to simplify the process of running their stores. By getting on board with this technology now, you will be able to take advantage of new features the minute they become available. This will allow you to stay on the cutting edge in a way that will reap many great benefits for your business. This is no time to stay firmly rooted in the past; if there’s one form of technology that poses major advantages for retailers, it exists on mobile devices. What are you waiting for?

If you haven’t already taken your retail business mobile, there is no better time than the present. Before you know it, all of your competitors will be taking full advantage of this technology. While you toil away in a pre-mobile world, they will be running circles around you in terms of productivity and communication. Don’t be afraid to dive in. Today’s mobile technology is extreme user friendly; by giving it a chance, you’ll undoubtedly see quick results.


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