How Small Businesses can benefit from Freelancing

By | May 3, 2012

Small businesses are growing in huge numbers. Though it may sound easy, running a small business requires effort and management skills. The goal is to get more work done in less time and money. Hiring permanent employees are essential. Nevertheless, not all employees should be permanent. Works that require office duties can require permanent staffs. However, when it comes to assistants, fieldwork etc. freelancing is best.

Here are 5 reasons why freelancing is best

  1. Permanent employees expect payment every month. They can be hard working or slackers. In most cases, they are slackers. Moreover monitoring them is necessary. Considering freelancers, they do not require monitoring. Payment is done according to the completed work. Therefore, you neither overpay nor underpay your freelancers. The payment is made exactly for the work.
  2. Insurances, medical leaves, and other incentive are not necessary for freelancers. Not providing such incentives actually becomes as a huge saving on your overall budget.
  3. Freelancers are relatively cheap. Of course, the work will be according to the payment. Hence, do not look for very cheap freelancers.
  4. Freelancing frees up your time. For example hiring a virtual assistant will reduce the burden. In return, you are granted your essential time, which can be used for other works.
  5. Chances are more that you will run into an expert. Yes, most freelancers are self-made are expert in what they do. Permanent employees might have excellent grades but they may not be an expert.

Tips while working with freelancers

Freelancing is not the regular management of employees. Though it does not require constant supervision, you need to ensure everything works perfect as you had planned. Here are some tips while working with freelancers:

  1. Freelacers never stick for a long time. Suddenly you might lose contact from a freelancer delaying your work. To avoid such circumstances always have a bunch of freelancers who can handle extra work (for extra pay)
  2. If a freelancer sticks for a long time, increase the pay. Increase the pay once in three or six month. Of course, a minor increase is expected.
  3. Do not boss them. They are freelancers not your employees. Let them have their own way as long as work is done according to your wish.

Following these tips and freelancing most of your work can turn into a boon for your small business.

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