How the cloud has a silver lining for data management

By | March 14, 2012

Once upon a time on every desk was a pen and a piece of paper, and the paper was stacked neatly in box files and folders with useful coloured dividers. Then, along came the computer. This was great news for trees and great news for people without shelves. Now everyone stored all their notes and folders on one small computer. Problem was that quite often that small computer was left on the dining room table, next to the tea, or was left in a taxi after a work night out. One day there appeared a magical invisible cloud, which meant data could be easily stored and accessed from anywhere, and it was safe from cups of tea and after work drinks. The magic cloud managed the data and made the boring jobs like reporting and collating a lot easier for just about everyone. Sounds like a fairy tale, but cloud computing is very real. So here are four key benefits to clearing a bit of space and securing a place in the cloud.


For small businesses, having your data all in one place gives you back control. A web based system means you can access your data at any time and anywhere (as long as you have internet access). If you keep your data all in one place, on one system then you don’t have the hassle of collating it and drawing it all together, or waiting for other people to provide reports. If you manage meetings, for example, you need to know the spend, the numbers, any changes and real time conversations about an event. A web based system can cut out the middle man and give you full and immediate control.


For any company with business travellers on the road, the benefits of cloud computing is huge as they can keep in touch (and work even harder – there’s no excuse now). Equally for the people who manage these weary road warriors the cloud means that they can keep connected to their travellers and make sure they are following policy and keeping safe.


For any small business a change in any law is daunting as it means putting systems and safeguards in place to make sure they don’t make mistakes. And what could be more daunting than the complexities of the UK bribery Act 2010? Suddenly it seems we have to prove we have the systems in place for offering or accepting appropriate hospitality. Having a web based system to manage your data means this data is all in one place and ready for any reporting. Having data in one place means you have control but you can also drive compliance with any legislation, easily and clearly.


Finding the right system to work for your needs is important and gives small businesses the confidence to develop and grow. Take a look at what you need. If you need to access your data as and when you like and don’t want to wait for other service providers to get around to sending you their reports, then make sure you look into a web based system that ticks all the boxes with compliance, data management, and reporting. Check the web based provider is offering what you want and look out for any unsuitable disclaimers of loss and liability. Once you have your data secured in one place, in your control and with the comfort of easy data reporting, your confidence in the cloud is complete.

About the Guest Post Author: This guest post was written by Felicity on behalf of Spendif. Spendif’s spend approval and control systems introduce a disciplined and budget-conscious approach to business travel, meetings and corporate hospitality.