How to Adjust to Frequent Business Travel

By | April 6, 2012

If you’ve just scored a new job or a promotion that will require you to travel frequently, you’re in for an adjustment. Traveling often for business can be exhausting, stressful, and exciting. A job that requires you to regularly visit various parts of the country and the world is very different than an ordinary 9 to 6 office job. Many people who are not properly prepared to travel often burn out and have to change jobs. If you want to keep your new job as a habitual business traveler, here are a few things you can do to adjust to frequent business travel:

1. Make the most of the time you have at home.

You’re going to miss your family, friends, and pets while you’re traveling. Make sure you spend plenty of quality time with them when you’re not traveling. Go out on the town with friends, go out on dates with your spouse or significant other, and take your dog to the dog park. Feeling as though you’re connected to your community and have social support at home will allow you to feel more grounded while you’re traveling.

2. Deal with jet lag appropriately.

If you’re going to be traveling internationally, you’re going to have to deal with jet lag. Reducing caffeine consumption, avoiding naps, staying hydrated, and taking sleep aids can help you with jet lag. If you do decide to take sleep aids, talk to your doctor about the best option for you. Your body can adjust to many different time zones, but it’s not always easy.

3. Expect that things won’t always go smoothly.

Around 20% of flights in the U.S. are delayed every year, according to some estimates. Plus, time spent at the airport is hardly pleasant thanks to long lines and intrusive security procedures. Additionally, hotel stays aren’t always relaxing and fun. If a hotel’s internet is down, or if a hotel is infested with bugs, for instance, your stay there is likely to be less than perfect. You never know what’s going to happen while you’re traveling. So, mentally prepare for some things to go wrong, and take deep breaths when stressful situations arise!

Author’s Bio: Logan is a frequent traveler and guest blogger who writes about international business, private jet charters, and self-improvement.