How To Choose an ECommerce Web Hosting Provider

By | January 30, 2012

E-commerce is a one-time setup, lifetime profit kind of business that once you started, you will have to continue what you are doing or else you will instantly fall. So while choosing the best ecommerce hosting company, you must aim for long term relationships with these web hosting companies and not a part-time solution since not only it can affect your e-commerce site, but also migrating from one web hosting provider to another web host is not easy.

Before making your final decisions about an e-commerce web hosting solution, consider the following first:

Data and Bandwidth

In an e-commerce website, always expect that you will be having lots of commerce since e-commerce is a growing online industry. Unlimited web hosting and bandwidth is not the best option for an e-commerce website because these “unlimited” bandwagon are only made for blogs and small websites. And if a website has unlimited plans for an e-commerce site, have a look at their terms and conditions page about the limited capability of their so-called unlimited plans.

Reliability, Speed, and Uptime

These three features are very important in an e-commerce website because you need to earn the trust of your visitors in order to turn them into customers. If your e-commerce web hosting provider gets hacked often, loads your website slower than what your competitor can and is doing maintenance 80% of the time, it is time to shift to another e-commerce web hosting provider.

Aim for better reliability, faster loading speed of websites, and up to 99.99% uptime. ‘

Features and Facilities

Important features like PHP, Perl, FTP or MySQL should be included in the plans the e-commerce web hosting provider is offering. You can ask web hosting providers about the requirements in setting up an e-commerce site and if most of the time you are asked to pay, leave the hosting provider immediately.


Secure Sockets Layer helps in protecting your sites communication with the customer like when they are about to check out their orders. SSL prevents hacking and eavesdropping so it is a must for an e-commerce website.

24/7 customer support

Their technical and support team must be prompt at responding and generating solutions for your problem. Do not settle for a web hosting provider that will let you wait for minutes only to find out their solution did not help with your problem. Moreover, the customer support should be knowledgeable enough to generate sure and permanent solutions if technical problems happen.

Business Tools

You web hosting provider should have tools to help in your business other than hosting your website. Having email address, mail forwarding and other essential business tools should be included in a web hosting plan for e-commerce websites. Add-on products should be minimal because these add-on products are very expensive.

A perfect web hosting solution for your e-commerce website is close to impossible but if you follow my guide above, you can find a perfect web hosting solution for your website. Remember to choose carefully and take advantage of the web hosting providers money-back guarantee to test as many web hosting providers as you like.

Guest Post Author Bio:- This article was written by Tom George, who is working as a .NET consultant. Tom helps people to choose the best business hosting solutions.