How to Choose the Best Android Device for You

By | May 10, 2012

Android is the (current) king on the mobile market and there are so many great Android devices to choose from. However, when the choice is so rich, it gets harder to pick the best device.

While I am not going to make any recommendations about a particular brand or model because with the speed at which new and new Android devices are released, the recommendations might get outdated by the time you read this article, here are some more eternal tips about how to choose the best Android device for you.

What Is Your Budget?

Obviously, the first major limitation in your choice of an Android device is the amount of money you can spend. While there are relatively cheap Android devices ($200-300 or less), they are also relatively old and low-end but if you are fine with this, there is no problem. $400-500 is a more realistic price for a new Android device but still, if you want really a cutting edge one, then you might have to double your budget. Still, prices for the same device vary drastically from one country to the next, so you need to check what’s applicable in your region.

Do You Need a Smartphone or a Tablet?

Android devices come in two major flavors – smartphones and tablets. Smartphones are better if you need the phone mostly for talks and less for Internet and applications, while tablets are better if you need a portable mini-computer that runs Android. The difference in price between comparable devices from both groups isn’t very noticeable, so here price is hardly a factor.

Which Version of Android OS You Want?

The version of Android you want is a major limitation, too. As a rule, cheaper devices run older versions of Android, which could mean the applications you want to run might not be compatible. Check the current versions of Android at the time when you plan your purchase, then check if the applications you plan to use can run on them, and then decide if the device(s) you have picked are a good choice or not.

List the Features You Need

In addition to the version of Android, there are many other technical parameters to consider. For instance, screen size, memory, and battery life, connectivity and inter-operability are just some of the parameters you need to double check before you commit. Phone design is also a factor to consider but if the phone itself is technically incompatible with you, a nice design won’t make you happier.

Look for SIM Only Plans

Since you will hardly use the device in offline-only mode, you also need to find a good deal in terms of plans. As a rule, SIM only plans are much better because unlike standard monthly contracts, they include only the minutes/texts/data you use – i.e. you are not paying an arm and a leg every month for the device you got included in the standard monthly contract.

It is true that some monthly contracts might include a good Android device as part of the package but almost always it is best to get the device from an independent provider and shop for SIM only plans only. If you are from the UK, you are lucky because here there are many providers who offer SIM only contracts. You just need to search a bit, compare what’s available and pick the best SIM only deal for you and use your new Android device without going broke.

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About the guest Post Author: Ada is a freelance writer who enjoys writing about technology and who is keen to watch all the great developments on the mobile market in particular.