How to Get Your Small Business Noticed on Siri

By | March 7, 2012

Most small business’ technology concerns have to do with buying a new gadget or program that helps improve efficiency or in some other way improve business practice. Sometimes, however, as is the case with Apple’s new Siri program on the iPhone 4S, a small business needs to make sure that it is compatible with a popular technology, so that it isn’t left behind.

Siri is a recommendation program that responds to users’ verbal commands, providing dining suggestions, nearby stores, and other service listings. If you want to be first on Siri’s listing and increase your business, follow these tips:

  • Expand local listings. Google Places is good, but not good enough. Apple’s “core listing data comes from,” reports Mike Blumenthal, an author of a popular blog — so you need to go further than Google. Furthermore, Apple uses data from review sites such as Yelp and Yahoo to provide business suggestions. To increase your chances at being the business Siri chooses, you need to expand to those other directories and enhance your listings there.
  • Consistency counts. Often times business will have listings across several directories, but the information will be different in each entry. Addresses, business descriptions, and even phone number formats will vary slightly for each directory, which lowers visibility for a Siri listing. For the best possible results, make your listings consistent, down to parentheses in phone numbers and address abbreviations.
  • Generate buzz. Encourage customers to review your business (and obviously you want good reviews) — Siri’s search algorithm includes both the content and the number of reviews of your business, with an emphasis on total review count.
  • Be the best all across the board. While being at the top of a Google search result page, Siri also looks at Yahoo and Bing results, so try to improve your ranking with those search engines as well.

While being on Siri probably won’t make or break the success of your company, tweaking your online presence so that you do come first certainly won’t hurt!

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