How to Increase Sales with a Virtual Phone System

By | October 10, 2011

Sales drive business. If you’ve been in business for any length of time, then you know this golden rule quite well. Each day, businesses around the world are trying to figure out ways to increase their sales. Some focus on marketing efforts, others invest in special training for their sales staff, and others use modern technology to make it easier for customers to contact them and choose the products or services they want.

That’s where a virtual phone system can help increase sales for your business. With a virtual phone system, customers can call up and be directed, via an auto attendant, to press a certain number of extension and be directed to a sales associate directly. Many people calling businesses know what they want; they want to get to the point of sale and conclude their transaction. Aren’t you just drooling at the thought right now?

What happens if calls come in after hours, though? Sure, your website is able to accept sales orders 24/7, but unless you have employees manning the phones day and night, you could potentially miss out on some sales from the night owls, or the insomniacs. ‘But wouldn’t people who wanted to buy from me wait until morning?’ you might be asking. They might. Or they could flip to the next business on their list. Consumers today have choices. They are in control and they don’t want to wait, not when the products that you sell are important to them.

Using a virtual phone system, you can have calls forwarded to your home line, or your employees’ cell phones, depending on how you expect them to work for you, after hours. Perhaps each of your sales personnel is expected to cover incoming sales calls one night a week. Perhaps they can earn extra commissions on these types of calls. With the virtual phone system at your disposal, you give your business options, and wings to take off into another stratosphere.

Sales drive business. Did we mention that? Without the paying customers, there won’t be a business to operate for long. And as more and more people work odd hours, it also means that they will do their shopping, whether in the stores or by phone, at odd hours. Using a virtual phone system will mean that you can streamline the process and allow them to get in contact with your knowledgeable staff when they need to.

It’s a powerful tool, the virtual phone system. How you use it is entirely up to you. When you do, though, you will find your sales begin to climb.

Note from editor: This was a guest post.