How to Install Microsoft Hotfixes to Help Keep Your System Running Error Free

By | February 22, 2012

Hotfix installation is recommended to keep your system running without any faults. Microsoft allows the window users to access the hotfix downloads freely, in order to correct any discrepancy or fix the bug into your system while the system is running. It tries to make hotfix installation as simple as possible. The windows give you the links from where you can get updated hotfixes for your computer. All you are required to do is make a few clicks and a good internet connection.

Here are the few steps to be followed:

Step 1: Click on ‘Start’ and then click on ‘All Programs’. Now click on ‘Windows Update’. You can also open the browser and click the sites in the resource section.

Step 2: Check for your windows update software and install the latest version of the software which is quite easily and automatically

downloaded and installed. Via this way the Microsoft checks the Hotfixes you already have and makes sure that you get the appropriate windows updates regularly.

Step 3: All the hotfixes are present in press group so press the ‘Express’ to see all important updates required for this venture.

Step 4: Next to view the details of the updates just click the ‘+’ sign found next to the updates. Then press ‘Install Updates’ to download and install required updates. Your internet connection speed determines the time it would take to download and install updates.

Step 5: Let the downloading and installing be done automatically without any interruption as it is usually done automatically without

requiring any moves. And finally when installation is done the computer might ask you to restart the system in order to configure it properly.

Tips and Warnings You Need to Keep in Mind:

  • If your browser takes more than ten minutes while checking for the latest updates for your window then better refresh the page and then press the ‘express’ button again to carry out the same process.
  • Download the hotfixes only from the window updates or in order to get the reliable and free from viruses and spyware updates for your system.

Guest Post Author Bio:  Guest post by Shah interested in small business management: Small businesses dealing with fleet management or duty of care can face such issues where they have to an install hotfix, to keep their system running with no fault at all, so they need to know how to install hotfix timely to tackle the issue amiably.