How to Merge two RSS feeds using Yahoo Pipes

By | June 23, 2012

It is important that you make sure you don’t merge RSS you don’t have permission to do so. This advice is written for those merging RSS feeds that they pay for as part of their own hosting packages. Yahoo Pipes is an extremely powerful service and merging two rss feeds is extremely easy. It is worth spending time looking at the features of this service as perhaps in the future you may have another requirement for it.

For this guide we will take two RSS feeds that we have permission to use, merge them and sort them. Then generate a single new feed.

1. You need a Yahoo account. To sign up and log into yahoo pipes visit:

2. Yahoo pipes is incredibly complex, but you put the pipes together in a flowchart like fashion. The placement of the boxes in the work area doesn’t matter as long as the ‘pipes’ connect up in the order you require.

First we need to select a ‘fetch’ module from the ‘sources’ category on the left and drag in onto the work area. Next enter the two rss feeds.

Yahoo Pipe

3. Now from the ‘Operators’ category select the ‘sort’ module and drag onto the work area. In this example we will sort by publish date, so select ‘’ and ‘descending’.

Building a Yahoo Pipe

4. Now you need to connect the fetch feed to the operator feed, and finally the operator feed to the ‘ouput’ feed.

Yahoo Pipe output feed

5. In the top left tab give the pipe a name and select save.

6. The feed is given a random name, but you can give it an actually name along the lines of and then you can publish the feed and use the RSS it creates.

So whats next?

Now you don’t have to stop there, once you have a new RSS feed you could present it to Google’s feedburner service. Why? One reason would be to create a subscribe via email option for that feed. Another option would be to present the feed to a service like twitterfeed. That service can then ‘tweet’ the rss feed to a twitter account.