How to move the Apple iTunes library (apps, movies, music, tv shows) to another computer

By | June 23, 2012

I wanted to move my Apple iTunes library to another computer. The reason being was that I had replaced my laptop with another, which meant I needed access to my iTunes library on my new laptop. Now I’m using Microsoft Windows, so this guide is for Windows users, sorry Apple Mac owners. I moved the apps, movies, music and tv shows from a Microsoft Windows XP computer to a Vista computer and I am using iTunes 10.

Step 1 – Make a backup of your iTunes library.

Within the music folder for my profile, there is a ‘iTunes’ folder, which I copied to an external drive. I used ‘Windows Explorer’ to cut and paste the fold to my external drive. You can find ‘Windows Explorer’ in the ‘Accessories’ program folder accessible from the start menu.

Microsoft Windows iTunes folder

Step 2 – Install iTunes on the new computer.

I installed iTunes 10 on the Microsoft Vista computer, signed in and I then closed the iTunes software.

Step 3 – Move the folder to the new computer.

Using ‘Windows Explorer’ on my new computer I found the new iTunes folder that  in the music directory and deleted it. I then copied the backup of the iTunes folder to the new computer’s music folder. Basically replacing the newly created folder, with the backup from the XP computer.

Step 4 – Run iTunes on the new computer.

I then ran iTunes, but discovered the ‘Apps’ tab was missing from the left hand menu options. The solution was to download a small ‘free’ game, and the option reappeared, with all my old games listed.

Apple iTunes Apps Menu Item


I hope this helps you when moving an iTunes library to a new Microsoft Windows computer. I’m sure the instructions I provided are using for Windows XP, Vista and 7 users.