How to Select an Auto-responder For Your E-mail Marketing Campaign

By | November 11, 2011

A good, reliable and hopefully free autoresponder service is exactly what you need to manage a successful email marketing campaign. The kind of autoresponder that you need depends on your requirements; if you just want to be able to send out campaign emails, go for a free autoresponder. You know that you’ll have to opt for a paid one when you want to send follow-up messages to potential customers. So how exactly do you select a good autoresponder for your business?

How To Select A Free Autoresponder

Just as your free email service provider allows you to use email for free, there are companies that provide autoresponder services for free. It’s all very well to get something for free, but when it comes to something that’s as vital for your business as an autoresponder, you need to be careful. Here are a few criterions for selecting a free autoresponder.

What message formats does the service allow? Does your Autoresponder service company allow both Text and HTML message formats? That’s important; you don’t want to be stuck using only Text format. Your emails should look rich and professional with great visual appeal, and that’s possible only with HTML.

How long can you use the service? Will you be able to use the autoresponder for a long time, perhaps permanently? Be doubly sure that what you’re using is not trial software. You don’t want to start using an autoresponder for your business only to discontinue use soon after.

Does the service allow you to schedule followup messages? Here’s how it works. You schedule followup messages, and your autoresponder is out there, delivering your message, helping you make money even while you’re offline.

Does your service insert adverts from others? Nothing could be more awful than this. Imagine sending out an email campaign to your subscribers, prominently displaying an Ad for someone else’s business! That’s an absolute NO-NO. Some autoresponder services will put up adverts that are similar to your product, but it’s still third-party. It’s ok, though, to use an autoresponder which advertises its own service via your campaign.

How To Select A Paid Autoresponder

Let’s say you decide to buy an autoresponder for your business. What are the criterions for your selection? Here are some guidelines.

Your service should be easy to use: The user friendly aspect of any tool or service cannot be overestimated. If the service is tough to use, you will tire of trying to figure out the kinks. This will have an impact on the quality of your campaigns.

You should be able to update your messages at no extra cost: As a business owner and marketer, you have to constantly innovate and make modifications to maximize your earnings. If you are forced to pay extra each time you innovate your messages, you’re doomed. What you want is free message updates.

You should be able to send personalized messages: If you’re serious about your business, you’ll go out of your way to make your opt-in subscribers feel special and wanted. You do this by personalizing your messages. So this is a very important feature to look for in a paid autoresponder.

You should be able to track Ad campaigns performance: Does the paid autoresponder you’re evaluating allow you to track your advertising campaigns? This is very important. It’s only when you track your Ad campaigns that you can know what works and what doesn’t. You can then figure out what needs to be improved and which Ads to drop.

You should be able to get notifications: When a subscriber wants more information, your autoresponder should be able to notify your email address. This feature allows you to stay on top of your Ad campaigns and your marketing campaigns.

Your autoresponder should offer an affiliate program: It’s great to have an autoresponder that has affiliate programs that you can use and earn commission as well. This way, you can make some money out of the autoresponder service, instead of just paying up the monthly fee.

You should have access to adequate Help text: A good autoresponder service will provide you with context sensitive help, tutorials, help text, training videos and articles. If a discussion forum is a plus point. Not all of us can write effective email marketing text. We all need a little help.

You should have access to unlimited text length: It’s not good policy to inundate your subscribers with long texts, but the option to do so should be available. You need the flexibility to send texts of any length.

You should be able to generate followup messages: You should be able to generate about 5 to 20 followup messages for every campaign. If your software doesn’t allow you to do this, then drop it. Then again, your autoresponder service must allow you to use unlimited message broadcast services.

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