How to Setup a Small Business and Live on the Beach

By | January 25, 2012

Working or consulting online makes real sense. We can live somewhere that is much cheaper than where we are earning money. The world is becoming an expensive place, but there are beaches and other hidden places where, and if you like to live differently, you can still do your business, and live an alternative lifestyle. You will need a real business, and there are plenty of places to set on up. Hong Kong and the British Virgin Islands make it easy for anyone. You don’t even have to visit and you will have little to book keep, as your earnings are tax free – the British Virgin Islands are the best. With Internet-based business phone systems, online printing services and a full range of office and support services, you can get online and do everything from your hide-away on the beach. Here is how you go about doing it.

  • Company setup. The British Virgin Islands are certainly the best. You can do everything online with a minimum of fuss. Hong Kong has a few more hoops to jump through. Both are tax free, but the real advantage of the British Virgin Islands is we don’t even need to have a representative in the country and the laws are as stable as the United Kingdom. Pay a few thousand dollars and we.
  • Secretarial and business support. You might want more than voice mail to take calls while you swimming in the ocean or sipping a Pinicolada by the beach, and so remote secretarial services using VOIP might be the solution. These companies will also supply a full range of help, perhaps someone gives chat support on your website. They might even help you enter markets where you do not speak the language.
  • Online presence. There are only 2 ways to go about getting a website built. Either use an online website builder, for simple and yet effective sites – WordPress and Webs are great options. If you need a more professional site, it only pays to get the best in the business of SEO and the like to get it done. Remember, 10,000 dollars on a website is an investment if they do it right.
  • Printing. Even on a beach there will be times when you need some paper for your outside office. Websites that take care of everything from business card printing, through to envelopes printing, can even take care of designing you a new logo in a matter of minutes. The sites are systemised and therefore, costs are greatly reduced.
  • Phone. With a smartphone and a laptop (and a great Internet connection) you can take advantage of VOIP (Voice/Video Over Internet Protocol) phone systems. Set up your inbound services to match up with your secretarial support and choose your inbound number for a location of your clients. Speak with a VOIP consultant and learn more about what you can do, and how much you can save with these types of applications. You can change the beach you are on, and your clients will never be the wiser.

That is about all it takes in our age of online services and online business solutions. You will be legal, and you will have all you need to operate in the world of business. Use a 3G connection and sit back and watch the sunrise.

Note from the Editor: This was a guest post.