How to solve Entourage Error “An error occurred while attempting to rebuild your database”

By | July 18, 2011

Microsoft Entourage 2008, an popular e-mail client, is full of many advanced features which help to manage various tasks and communicate effectively. However, there are several situations in which Entourage database shows abrupt behavior and fails to perform well. There could be various reasons for this behavior but the primary cause behind this conduct is corruption. Corruption is a major concern in Microsoft Entourage database but you can repair Entourage database through an inbuilt Database Utility. A recent and updated backup can also be used. Otherwise, you have another choice of a third party Entourage repair tool, if all free options failed.

To exemplify the above issue, consider that you are experiencing some problems with your Entourage database. When you try to rebuild it, Entourage e-mail application gets stopped unexpectedly and you encounter an error message like this:

“An error occurred while attempting to rebuild your database”

You encounter the same error message at every attempt of rebuilding Entourage database.

Causes for the Error:

This problem generally occurs due to the severe corruption in Entourage database. Due to this high intensity corruption, Database Utility fails to complete the rebuild process. The other prominent reason could be the lack of contiguous space on your computer’s hard drive.

How to solve the problem?

As above mentioned, this error usually appears if the Mac Entourage database is seriously corrupt. To work around this problem, try the following resolutions:

–  Try to manually Move the Entourage data to a new Identity in Entourage database.
–  Use your updated backup (if you have) to restore the Entourage database easily and access your precious data.

However, if the above solution does not work and updated backup of the Entourage database is also missing or the backup file itself has got corrupted, you need to opt for a third party Entourage recovery tool. These tools use high-end scanning mechanisms to perform the thorough scan of corrupted Entourage database file and retrieve all of its components. These tools come with easy to use, interactive and simple graphical user interface so that a non-tech person can easily use this product and have repaired their database.


This guest post was written by Axel Culver.