How to Solve the ‘Failed to create DirectX Device’ Error

By | June 23, 2012

Sometimes going backwards, is the way to move forward, as I discovered with a graphics card issue. On a Microsoft Vista desktop the Nvidia graphic drivers had been upgraded to the latest version, but then when using the computer, such as playing a Microsoft game called Spider Solitaire the error message ‘Failed to create DirectX Device’ would occur, plus the monitor would go blank at times.

failed to create directx device

Please note: You run older graphic drivers at your own risk. Running older drivers could be a security risk.

The solution was to visit the Nvidia website and download graphic drivers for the graphics card from 2009. Then I uninstalled the 2011 drivers the computer was using, rebooted and installed the older version. The problem was then solved.

It is all well and good experiencing the latest performance and fixes, but in this instance the computer was unusable with the latest drivers. I believe the latest drivers might have been installed via Microsoft Windows update, something which I won’t allow from now on.