How to Solve the Problem of Overheating Laptops?

By | March 24, 2012

For the last 6 years laptops sales exceeded the desktop sales in the world. As a manager of Computer Service Store in Fort Lauderdale, we have noticed dramatically the amount of laptops being used as opposed to regular desktops. In our laptop and computer Service centre, we see every kind of laptop problems like overheating, hard disk crash, screen problem and many more. In general I would say that one of the most common problems in a laptop is the laptop overheating. Excessive heat is the worst enemy of Laptop. The laptop internals, chips, motherboard were built to resist certain temperatures. When those temperatures are exceeded, chips on the board burn out and a serious damage is caused to the circuits causing failure of laptop.

Why regular PC Desktops do not overheat as much as Laptops?

The reason why Laptops commonly suffer from overheating as opposed to regular Computer towers (computer CPU) is the size. Laptops are put together in such a compact case that it represents a challenge to keep it cool. For Computer design Engineers, Ventilation in a laptop design is a main priority.

Latest and new Business Case: HP Dv Series

HP DV series are known for their bad ventilation design. At our computer store, we have seen hundreds of such laptops go bad due to overheating. The bad design in this HP DV series Laptops causes the Video Chip to overheat and go bad. Once the chip is burn out, the laptops stops working completely, also commonly known as the “no image” problem.

How to keep your laptop from overheating?

Your laptop is like a car, you need to service it. Overtime; dust, hair and dirt start building up inside your laptop blocking the laptops ventilation openings. Little by little, the laptop fan and vents are completely covered and the laptop has no way to exhale out all the heat produced by the motherboard components. I will recommend at least once a year, bring your laptop to a laptop service centre to have a Computer Technician disassemble your laptop and clean the internal parts. If you feel comfortable opening and taking apart your laptop, you can go ahead and do so. If you are not familiar with how to do a laptop disassembly, just go online or the laptop’s manufacturer website to download the Service Manual and get started. Cooling pad is one more option for you, but using cooling pad can make you little uncomfortable in handling, as where you carry your laptop you also need to carry cooling pad too. Also one more disadvantage of using external cooling pad is that it makes one USB port busy all the time. Usually the cost of local cooling pad is around $8 – $30.

By doing this you will increase the life of your laptop and in the long run you will save lots of money which can be best utilize in future. Just to give you the background knowledge, we offer this service at our USA Computer Service Centre and we are well know for laptop repair Broward and laptop repair Fort Lauderdale.

About the Guest Post Author:  Antonio Matsuoka is a senior tech at USA Computer Store in Fort Lauderdale, which is a huge computer repair Broward market in the USA where you can repair your old computers and laptop.