Improve The Way Your Work With Your Documents: Get Digitised!

By | September 9, 2011

It goes without saying that in the last few years we’ve all been trying to save whatever money we can. The same goes whether it’s in our business or home life and there’s one sure fire way that you can save money and that’s through convenience. If things are more convenient to find, you can save valuable time and resources. So why shouldn’t this be the case when it comes to the way you handle your documents? After all, if I told you that there’s a service out there that’s low cost and saves time, money and space, you’d snap my hand off, wouldn’t you?

We already see a large amount of software available over the last couple of years which enable you to scan in your personal documents as home such as your bills and receipts and keep them on your computer for safe keeping, but that doesn’t mean that this isn’t possible within your business. You could have 100 documents, or you could have 1,000,000 but the simple fact is that if they’re digital and are indexed properly they will be easier to find and access.

Surprisingly there are very few companies out there that realise that getting their physical documents scanned to digital files can potentially save thousands each year, and not just thousands of pounds, but also potentially thousands of hours from searching through large document databases to find documents that are required for a particular project. It may surprise you that there are companies out there that are entirely dedicated to the scanning and digitisation of files in order to make life easier for businesses across the globe.

For the most part, document scanning companies will own large, industrial power document scanners, much larger and more robust than the desktop scanners that you probably see on a daily basis. These scanners can scan and digitise tens of thousands of documents per day, allowing for companies to not only get a more convenient system in which to work with their documents, but also to get those documents back very quickly due to the speed and capabilities of the equipment that they employ. Files can be indexed in a manner that makes finding them on your computer as simple as possible.

We’ve all done it, we need to access a file on our computer but we’ve completely forgotten where we’ve saved it, so we simply search through the computer using a simple text search in order to find what we’re looking for. Indexing allows you to do this with your documents by the document scanning company indexing your documents however you wish them to be saved once they’re scanned to a digital format. This means that your documents could be saved as a reference number, a client name or address, or a combination or all aspects that would be helpful for you when searching for the file on your computer. This is the beauty of the document scanning service; how much time it will save your business.

After your documents are scanned and are saved digitally, the old, physical documents can be sent back to you or recycled, depending on whether you feel that you need them anymore. This can also be a tremendous space-saver and even money-saver as we have found that some firms spend thousands and thousands each year on document storage when scanning them would save on this monthly cost immensely.

Getting your files digitised isn’t for every business out there, but for those that it works for, it can be an incredibly beneficial service to have used and one that can change the way your business works forever in the best possible way.

About the Author: Steve Wright is marketing manager with Pearl Scan Solutions, a document scanning and document management company from Manchester. Pearl collect nationwide and also offer to beat like for like quotes on the services we offer. If you’re interested in finding out more about how document scanning can be beneficial to your business, please visit Pearl Scan’s document scanning website, drop us an email or give us a call on 0161 832 7991.