Incorporating Mobile Phones into Your Business Phone System

By | August 24, 2011

Business professionals often consider their cell phones as their lifeline to their family, friends, and especially the office. Because employees are going to use their cell phones to conduct business, why not make things easier by incorporating cell phones into your telecommunication system?

It’s as easy as simply calling your business phone system provider.

There are several good reasons why incorporating personal or business cell phones with your business phone system are a good idea. Here are a few:


Cell phone integration will allow for in-office-calls to be forward to your mobile when you’re out of the office. To do this, certain applications and software are required.

However, this exchange would decrease the number of missed calls you get daily and increase the number of clients and prospects you communicate with. By improving your accessibility, you will have ultimately improved your productivity rate.


Integrating employee mobile phones could mean having one phone number that reaches both the office and the cell (or any other phone) at the same time. Businesses can utilize services such as Google Voice or Cisco Unified Communication Managers to make this happen.

You won’t have to put multiple numbers on business cards or in voicemail messages. Instead, all you have to hand out is a single number that connects you to your clients. Depending on the service you choose, you can get additional features like blocking and screening callers, voicemail transcription, and shared voicemail.


Integration allows for mobile calls to go through the company PBX system. This enables the caller ID to display as a business number and not a cell phone number. This depicts a sense of “business unity.” It also looks more professional to the receiving caller.

In addition, integration in this manner would make it easier to keep track of phone records and billing. Using mobile phones, especially for long distance calls, can be expensive, so any way to make tracking usage easier is a good thing.

Instead of making a policy prohibiting the use of cell phones, why not turn them into a productive tool? Mobile integration with your existing office phone systems will improve employee productivity, increase flexibility and unify your business under a single telecom strategy.

About the guest post author: Sylvia is an online writer who connects with industry professionals to write articles on recent business trends, such as office telephone systems.