Google Chrome Screenshots and IE comparison

By | September 4, 2008

Amber Schmitt does an excellent comparison between Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 7. However not only that but she has also included great screenshots and helps answer the question… can people who have used Internet Explorer 7 migrate to Google’s Chrome with ease? Thanks Amber.

I don’t want to admit this, especially on a technology blog, but my main internet browser is Internet Explorer 7. (IE 7) It is considered the standard at work, and since I am so familiar with it I use it home as well. It is well within my comfort zone and it seems like such a pain to switch internet browsers I never bothered.

Then I hear about Google Chrome. I should admit that I love Google, especially iGoogle, which is your own customized Google page, Gmail, and Google Talk. I really enjoy how simplified and streamlined the Google products look. That is what pushed me to download and try Google Chrome.

The installation process was very simple and easy. It didn’t take long at all. Follow the prompts and you will have it installed in no time. The best thing was at the end of the installation process it prompted me to import my bookmarks and saved settings from IE. How awesome is that? I have a zillion bookmarks and all of my folders and organization (and lack there of at the moment) came through as well. The only thing that could make it better would be if it took care of the organization and put your bookmarks into folders for you!

Now on to play with Google Chrome. It has a very familiar to it. It would be very easy for someone using IE 7 to transfer over to Google Chrome. One of my favorite features is the New Tab button. You are wondering what is so great about the simple new tab button aren’t you? Well let me show you.

Just look at that beautiful page. It has icons of your most visited sites, as well as your recently added bookmarks on the right. When you first launch Google Chrome of course it will be blank, but as you start visiting your sites, the New Tab page will keep updating for you. Click on one of the icons of your web sites and it will take you there with just one click! It also appears that Google Chrome is much faster than other browsers. I haven’t tested that, but it does appear that way.

On the screenshot pictured above you can see another of my favorite features. Have you ever been searching and searching for something, then finally find it and accidentally close the tab? I hate it when that happens. Then I usually go through my history to find it again rather than the long and painful search. Google has solved that hassle for you! Notice under the Recently Added Bookmarks on the right, you see “Recently Closed Tabs.” There is your solution! If you close a tab, open a new one, and go right back to your site by clicking on the link! Isn’t that awesome?

Another unique feature is you can very easily see where your cursor is on the screen. Look at the screenshot below.

Notice on the Twitter page where it says “What are you doing?” There is a thing gold box around it? You know you will be typing there. If you look at the top of the screen where it says “Name or Location Search” how there is no gold box around that field? That’s because your cursor isn’t in that field to type in. Now you can easily tell where you are typing.

Some people use the “Home” button a lot to go to whatever you have your homepage set as. The default option at least when I installed Google Chrome is to not have a home page button. Since I have mine set as iGoogle in IE 7, I want a home page button. You can go into the options by clicking on the little wrench in the upper right hand corner of the screen and the choosing “Options.” Under the “Basics” tab, you see this screen.

Simply place a check mark in the “Show Home button on toolbar” and right above that you can set your homepage to whatever you would like.

Notice that the little “Home” button now appears to the left of the web address.

{Insert Home Button Pic Here}

Another toolbar icon that most people might miss is the print button. Myself, I don’t mind that it’s gone, since I always use Ctrl+P to print anyway. I did not find a way to make the print icon appear, but you can click on the blank piece of paper in the upper right corner and choose “Print” from the drop down menu.

With my playing around with Google Chrome today the only thing that really bothers me is when you start to type the web address of a website in, you have to use the down arrow key to maneuver down to select it. In IE 7 you can use the Tab key to move down and the Shift + Tab key to move up. I will have to break myself of that habit.

Other than the above, I have not found any problems with Google Chrome at all. I do believe that I will be switching over to Google Chrome. I like the look and feel of it, very streamlined and simple, which I really like. I feel like Google removed the extra junk that you don’t need and kept the necessary parts. I have to say good going Google and I wonder what kind of enhancements they will be making to it in the future. I look forward to seeing them.

If you wish to view the full size images of the screenshots you can find them on my Flickr account located here:

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