Is the iPad a Good Travel Companion?

By | November 4, 2011

The iPad has the potential to eventually put laptop and notebook computers out of business if its fast growing acceptance by the public is anything to go by. The biggest down fall of the original iPad was the awkwardness in using its virtual keyboard. But now that an attachable keyboard is available, and document typing can be undertaken with the same ease as that of a laptop, the future of iPad technology will continue to make real inroads into the laptop and notebook market, but not just yet.

All is Not as it First Seems

Despite any doubts critics might have about it, the iPad is fast becoming a necessary accessory for any traveller because of its lightness in weight and the level of entertainment it can deliver. However, because of its size it can not be put in your pocket in the way that your mobile phone can, and despite its capability as a music player, it is not practical to plug a lead from it into your ear while out on your early morning jogging. If you need the keyboard attachment to make it easier for you to type your documents while you travel you may as well have stayed with your notebook. With all these matters being taken into account the iPad is unlikely to revolutionise the way you travel but it will make travel more comfortable as you watch your movies on public transport, or browse the internet as long as Wi-Fi connection is available.

The Best is Yet to Come

It may take a while for avid book readers to change over to eReaders but there is no doubt that time will come, as will the use of applications like Skype which can deliver free phone calls. But the promise is there, and it will continue to appeal to the young who will no longer have to carry a library with them as they travel to and from class, all they need to know will be in their iPad.

When traveling you can restore your collection of eBooks to take with you on the next leg of your journey. All you will need is access to a hot spot where you can obtain a Wi-Fi connection. These wireless connections are available in most of the world’s airports and internet cafes as well as on long distance trains. You are also able to buy a little device that will allow you to download photos from your memory card directly into your iPad. Travellers will be especially pleased to be able to travel virtually anywhere and never get lost as the iPad will always get you out of trouble and tell you which road to take. The days of having to lug oversized guide books with you as you move around unfamiliar cities is no longer a problem, as all you will need, and more, will be available on your iPad to tell you where to go and how to get there, and the information will always be up to date.

Battery Life is Excellent

Travellers sometimes find themselves in a situation where they can’t access a power point to charge the batteries on their mobile phones or laptops. The iPad comes with a battery life of 10 hours between charges when being used and about 36 hours on standby, quite a long time that will give you an opportunity to find somewhere to plug it in.

On the down side you can download iPhone apps onto your iPad but when you do a lot of detail is lost when you blow them up to full screen size. This will no doubt be fixed in the future but at the present time it is a bit of a worry. The size of the iPad screen is much easier on the eyes than constantly looking at the little smartphone screen. It makes it easy to view TV shows and movies, however, when out in the daylight there is a lot of reflection that makes it hard to see.

Probably the biggest problem facing iPad is that it is heavily dependence on Wi-Fi availability. This is not a big problem in Asia where such a service is quite widespread but in countries such as Australia with low levels of Wi-Fi connectivity it can be a worry at times, as is the fact that it is becoming more commonplace for Australian hot spots to charge for the service.

Time Will be The Best Test

Before the iPad can perform up to the level expected of its army of devoted true blue believers it will have to improve on the number of apps that are presently available. It is also doubtful if the device has sufficient infrastructure to support the type of applications it needs. At the moment it can’t do any more than you can do with an iPhone and a laptop. There is a serious lack of access to iBooks.

What Apple lovers should do is to wait a while. The downside faults will no doubt be ironed out in the future and the number of available apps will grow. In the meantime when looking at the situation as it is today it would probably be wiser to stick to your iPhone and laptop for the time being.

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