Linux – Is there another life for your PC?

By | March 17, 2010

Introduction by Andrew: I’ve known David Hopwood for many years and was fortunate enough to employ him many years ago. So when I heard David’s business ‘DSNetworx‘ had become a Ubuntu partner, I didn’t hesitate to ask him to write an article regarding linux for this blog.  You can find his contact details at the end of the article and thank you David for writing this outstanding overview.

We work with our faithful PC’s day in and day out, sometimes for a year and sometimes for many, but then a new operating systems is released with more features, added security and with so much more charisma. But due to your PC being years old there is no way it can handle the demand of a new OS without an upgrade or two to run the new OS how it is supposed to run. Lets face it these days a computer has almost reached a point of being a consumable item with a maximum life span of 2 to 3 years. We way up the pro’s and con’s then at the end of the day we have to upgrade due to the new software that is being released for it.

I’m a PC user and I dream of better days when I could control if and when I wanted to update my PC / Laptop. I want my operating systems and software to be free and most of all where I do not have to worry that every time I open an email with an attachment, or go on to the internet it could be a virus, which could pass my credit card details or infect all my Files.

But this dream is a reality and the OS is called Ubuntu which is a Linux based Operating System.

Ok now I can see there are endless questions firstly from people that have never heard of Linux or Ubuntu and secondly from Tech’s that instantly see command line installs and problems from not being able to run Windows Software, but believe me this is not a problem.

Let’s start from the beginning What is Linux?

Unlike other operating systems where one company own and develop all the code themselves, Linux has thousands of people sharing their work so that everyone can take advantage of it. It is a worldwide, co-operative effort between individuals and the world’s biggest IT companies to deliver an alternative, shared operating system that is Free and Open Source

About Ubuntu

Linux has moved on leaps and bounds over the years and has a Secure fully fledged desktop operating system which is easy, fast to use and puts the fun back into computing.

Ubuntu is a linux distribution and does not have the high demand on PC hardware like others operating systems, which means a company or home user now have the option to upgrade to Ubuntu operating system. Instead of the cost of upgrading or the cost of buying a new PC, laptops or server every time a new version of the operating system is realest.

Once Ubuntu is installed you will have access to over 2000 free open source applications and the list is always growing, this is due to the demand from the public and businesses alike. Finding software to match your current set-up can be done with ease.
Linux is inherently more secure than other operating systems. As a result, Ubuntu offers you a robust and secure desktop or server operating environment. For example, there are approximately 60,000 known viruses for Windows and approximately 40 known for Linux.

10 reasons why you should consider Ubuntu

1. Users love its friendly, familiar interface – it’s no coincidence that Ubuntu is the fastest growing new operating system in the world with over 10 million users worldwide.

2. It’s safe – Ubuntu is immune to Windows viruses, spyware, and many online threats, giving you a smooth, safe computing and browsing experience.

3. Ubuntu is getting better every day – thousands of expert developers, testers and users around the world are constantly improving Ubuntu and its many free applications, with free updates delivered automatically.

4. It just works – with your camera, printer and scanner; plus Ubuntu has all the software you need to get going straight away. Listen to music, watch videos, import and edit pictures, work on documents and spreadsheets, surf the internet, chat with friends and more!

5. Access over 2000 applications for free – Play games, plot your family tree or learn chemistry. Download all these and more with a single click – and all for free!

6. Ubuntu is the perfect, safe platform for your favourite web applications and services – such as Gmail, Flickr, Facebook, YouTube, MySpace, eBay and Skype, with no risk of Windows viruses and online threats.

7. Create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations and share them with Windows users – Ubuntu’s free office applications are familiar, compatible and easy to use such as openoffice.

Upgrade to each new Ubuntu release easily, every 6 months, for free. No messing about with CDs or validating licenses, no need for expert help – just download free and go!

9. Ubuntu is fully supported – Choose from world class commercial support from Canonical or free community support – there are thousands of Ubuntu users just like you who love to help out.

10. Ubuntu is free – free to download, use, copy, update and upgrade! Break free from constant, expensive, complicated upgrades – with Ubuntu. In fact, a complete new computer running Ubuntu can cost less than a copy of a commercial office software package.

Ubuntu is free and can also be installed as a duel boot system along with you current Windows operating systems.

How DSNetworx can support you

DSnetworx are an official partners for Ubuntu / Canonical and can offer there high class Support optional extra, this starts from as little as £32 + VAT a year for Ubuntu desktop operating system and Ubuntu server operating system support from £473.69 + VAT per year along with 3 year options.

If you have any questions please contact or visit the website: