Mac Data Recovery: Recover Your Lost Data Easily from Formatted Mac Hard Drive

By | February 14, 2012

Today, computer problems are very common and can occur with any operating system. At times, when you start your Mac computer, it may fail to load the operating system with a blank screen and you are unable to login to your computer. To deal with such issues, sometimes it is required to format the hard drive which erases all data from the computer. In such cases, you can recover your lost data by using Mac data recovery software.

To explain this, let us consider a scenario wherein you get an error message when you start your Mac computer. The error message may resemble to the following:

“-1305 desktopDamagedErr The desktop database has become corrupted – the Finder will fix this, but if your application is not running with the Finder, use DTReset or DTDelete”


The above error message occurs due to corruption of Finder’s Desktop DB file. In Mac operating system, Desktop DB or Desktop DF are invisible files that can not be located easily by a non-technical person. These files are created by the Desktop Manager in order to maintain the information to the Finder’s Desktop file.

Finder’s Desktop file holds all the information about system including applications, hard drive information, files and folders etc. For faster access of information in Apple’s Share servers, these files act as high performance databases. However, in case, these files get corrupted due to any reason then you won’t be able to access your data and receive an error message.


In order to fix the above issue, you need to format the hard drive or reinstall Mac OS on your computer. However, reinstalling Mac OS can solve the problem but it will remove all the data from your hard drive. In such cases, you can use Mac data recovery software to get back your data.

On Internet, you can find a number of such software that claim to recover the lost data. Also, this makes difficult for a computer novice to select the best software. Thus, you can search for software that are available with a demo version and give a trial to some of them.

You can also try Stellar Phoenix Mac File Recovery which is one of such tools that is available with a free demo version so that you can easily check its functionalities. With this software, you can preview all the recoverable files before starting the recovery process. Moreover, this tool can help you to recover data from an iPod or a deleted volume.

About the Guest Post Author: Vishal is a technical writer at a leading data recovery company, where he mainly write on Mac recovery software and utilities. He is sharing tips, tutorials on how to tackle a data loss scenario on your Mac mini, Mac book pro or any Mac HDD.