Mac OS X Snow Leopard: Apple’s Business-Friendly OS Upgrade

By | September 1, 2009

As I’m sure many of you are now aware, last Friday the latest version of Mac OS X, dubbed Snow Leopard, was set free from the Apple labs and released to the world.

While, on the outside, Snow Leopard looks almost exactly the same as the previous version of Mac OS X, Leopard, it brings with it a lot of business friendly new features that are definitely worth investing $30 in, the biggest being out of the box support for Microsoft Exchange.

Microsoft Exchange, as most business users will know, is heavily used in the business world to keep employees and their offices connected. Mac OS X Snow Leopard delivers out of the box Exchange support in all of Apple’s big built in apps, including Mail, iCal and Address Book. This functionality keeps your contacts, your calendars and your mailboxes all integrated and in sync, and this key feature alone is reason enough to upgrade to Snow Leopard if your Mac’s been kept out of your workplace due to it’s lack of Exchange support in the past.

In addition to Exchange support, Snow Leopard brings massive speed increases and decreased application and OS footprints to your Mac, freeing up anywhere from 7-20 GB of hard drive space and giving even older Macs a well needed speed boost.

If you haven’t yet grabbed your copy, Mac OS X Snow Leopard is only a $29 ($35 Canadian) OS that’s definitely worth every cent, but as with any new OS, beware of broken workflows, plugins, etc!

You can buy it directly from Apple at – happy upgrading!