Mac Utilities can help you resize your Mac partitions

By | December 16, 2011

When you buy a new Mac hard drive, the hard drive has a single large partition in it. Whatever data, you want to store on the drive, they all are stored within the common logical boundary of the hard drive. In such a case, if any problem happens with any of the data or application, chances are there that the problem can also aggravate to other data/applications on the drive. Hence, it is safe to create multiple partitions for installing operating system and other categories of data separately as well as safely.

These partitions are the logical divisions on the physical memory of the hard drive. Moreover, separate partitions on the drive helps in easy storage and access of different types of data. Keeping these things in view, many users make partitions on their Mac hard drives. Users create partitions of different sizes, depending upon their need with respect to the types of data that will be stored on the corresponding partitions.

At times, you realize that one of your Mac partitions or volumes, containing a particular category of data needs more space to accommodate all the data of that particular category. As, you know, it is convenient to store a particular category of data inside a single volume, rather than in multiple volumes.

Similarly, you may feel that one of your Mac partition contains some unnecessary space, which can be used elsewhere, if can be trimmed from here. You need to cut the extra space from the volume and add the same to the needed volume. This process is termed as – partition resizing.

These days, for these needs, there are many Mac partition manager utilities available in the market. With these utilities, you can either increase the size of a Mac partition or decrease its size. During the process, these utilities divide the entire job into multiple tasks and add them to the so called ‘to-do’ list and perform the operations, when you confirm to do.

Most importantly, these utilities verify the data area before performing the resizing operations and hence, prevent any single chance of data loss due to partition resizing. Moreover, the utilities are simple to operate and can be used by almost anyone, without even much technical knowledge.

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