Magento essentials for beginners

By | February 1, 2012

What is Magento? How can it help someone in an online business? What can it do? Where do I consult about it? These and many more questions arise, whenever you come across this word online, surfing for eCommerce open-source solutions. I’ve tried to answer all of these questions in this article.

First of all, Magento is an open-source eCommerce web-application with a rich set of multiple features that allow for online retailers to fully manage their stores by modifying the website look through added functionality and amended content on demand. Based on Zend Framework (open-source software framework for PHP 5) it now works with the data storage model called Entity-attribute-value database.

The major advantage of Magento is the intuitive simplicity of administration interface, enabled with ultimate content and marketing instruments. Online retailers get an opportunity to meet their unique business requirements with bespoke solutions implementation. Another benefit is an entire scalability of the platform and high availability of the support network. Last but not least, Magento is compatible with multiple stores that can be developed and managed only in one installation. The stores in Magento deployment are interconnected by conceptual ranking.

eCommerce Magento Design should be discussed separately. It is powered with Search Engine Optimisation and catalogue management tools that result in a highly effective web marketing. Many off-the-shelf skins and templates are out there and they work with no downtime whatsoever.

There is also a Customised Magento Design for those who don’t like standard solutions available to wide audience and whose online presence has already been established. In such cases the store owners usually prefer more advanced online systems. What’s in it for them? Custom Design for Magento provides not only a professional look and user-friendly interface to a webstore, but thanks to a built-in Content Management System allows for quick and very easy content editing. For instance, with no particular effort one can add product names, categories, create new content pages and new blog articles. Basically, any eCommerce website based on Magento can be customised for every set of particular requirements. For instance, integration modules for such huge online merchandising platforms as eBay and Amazon are widely developed by web agencies. To have this work done properly it is highly recommended to hire professional Magento designers with a proven track record and according experience in similar projects. If hiring an additional employee is not an option, Magento community forums are an alternative, as a great deal of professional designers and experienced Magento users take part in Magento related discussions online.

Magento is also compatible with various mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad and gadgets based on Android OS. As a result, there is an extremely high demand of ready-made open-source based features. Being quite affordable, such solutions have a fully customisable admin section as well as a complete storefront integration; smooth submissions are another advantage of Magento Mobile. However, there is always space for improvement, and Magento Mobile is no exception. Therefore there are many approaches on scalability optimisation, operability increase and simultaneous following of particular mobile device standards, and a selected business model. Such procedures are all realised with the help of Magento Mobile theme design and are supplemented with different functionality for the purpose of sales and traffic growth.
To summarise this research and memorise the lesson learnt, I would only like to add that Magento eCommerce solution is very popular among both start-ups businessmen and experienced webstore owners, it is highly and easily customised and can be integrated with basically anything. For instance, such integrations as Magento Sage, Magento Quickbooks, Magento MYOB, Magento Mamut and many others are actively created by web agencies to meet quickly growing demands of the online businesses.
Have fun with your Magento and use it up – I know I will!

Guest Post Author: Elena Bizina, Marketing department of Holbi. Takes particular interest in eCommerce industry to learn from top professionals and share with beginners like herself. In the past  – an English teacher and a Business Development Manager, at present – a full-time mother and a part-time Assistant to Marketing Manager whose core responsibilities are researching the eCommerce industry and writing about it.