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By | August 24, 2008

In the ever changing era of mobile business platforms, such as the Blackberry, it can sometimes be more challenging to find useful ways to use a different mobile device in quite the same way as another. One prime example of this is the iPhone – Apple’s mobile phone and revolutionary handheld that’s been stirring up quite a storm lately.

With the release of the new iPhone 3G and, along with it, the new iPhone & iPod Touch Firmware 2.0, running your small business on the go just became easier. So, instead of just carrying that flashy iPhone around with you, why not put it to good use? This blog hopes to show you some of the most useful apps available from Apples App Store that are sure to maximize your mobile productivity.

1. Mocha VNC Lite (free): This application, despite your field of business, is a surefire timesaver. Mocha VNC let’s you remotely access and control any configured PC or Mac, allowing you to check a file you might have forgotten, print a document on the run, make changes to a spreadsheet or database from a clients place, etc. The uses of an app such as Mocha are nearly limitless because it effectivity places you behind your computer, even if you miles away. Despite a limited keyboard and the ever constant need to pan around your desktop using your finger, this app is a must have for the on-the-go business owner in my books.

2.Nexonia Expenses (free): Nexonia’s iPhone app let’s you manage expenses, take photos of receipts, submit them for approval, and track your businesses funds. Note that while the app is free, the service requires an account with Nexonia, which is available from their site along with free trials. Nexonias app makes it easy for the small business owner or his/her employees to keep a universally synced record of where funds are going and when, in a clever and useful way. Hands down, this is probably the best expense management application available to date, and serious business owners should definitely consider a subscription for their group.

3. Stagehand ($7.99): This app, despite not being a free one, is definitely handy to have. Stagehand allows full control of any Keynote ’08 presentation. During presentations, the slide notes are displayed on your iPhone or iPod Touchs screen in large font for easy viewing. Turning the device on it’s side displays the current slide onscreen, allowing you to flip to another slide or use various graphics and highlighting methods to interact with the audience. This app, despite sometimes responding slowly to highlight gestures, is the perfect companion for a business owner with a Mac looking to pitch a product or idea with a nice, clean Keynote presentation, and is easily worth the $8 for the simplicity it brings to the presentation process.

4. Evernote (free): Evernote is the only way to take notes, memos, voiceclips, and snapshots on the iPhone and iPod Touch. Evernote is a free app and a free service which allows you to instantly sync all your notes, memos, voiceclips and pictures across all your computers (Mac and PC) and mobile devices. Notes and memos can be edited on your device immiediately after creation and any text available within your pictures is interpreted by the program and can then be searched through. Evernote makes everything from keeping track of upcoming events to remembering to finish a project super easy and super fast. Business owners will love Evernote; I know I do!

5. WordPress (free): Of course, the one and only WordPress is available for the iPhone and iPod Touch as well. The mobile WordPress app allows access to blogs as well as custom installs on your own servers and websites, and is easy to setup. Simply enter your blogs URL, your username and password, and your done; you’ll be blogging in seconds! WordPress for iPhone has all of the essential blogging tools you’ll need, from local draft saves, to post previews, to picture uploads from your photo library or your iPhone’s camera. Definitely a must have for the small business owner with a corperate blog, or the blog happy employee in us all.

Well, that’s it for now! I hope these tips help you to get the most from your shiny Apple beauty, just like I am.

Until next time!

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