Marketing Your Business With Twitter

By | May 10, 2009

This post is a bit of a change from my usual discussion of Apple technology, but bear with me on this one. I’ve been a member (and a largescale user as well) of the extremely popular micro-blogging site Twitter for over a year now. In that time I have enormously expanded my audience and discovered and discussed with many intelligent and fun people through the service, but Twitter is not just for discussion and merely answering “What Are You Doing?” – Twitter has many more possibilities and capabilities that everyone can utilize to market their brand and their business.

First, Twitter is community based, and this means if the community likes what they see they can share (“Re-tweet”) your content with their friends. Through Re-tweeting your posts, news and content shared through Twitter can be spread through not just your friends and followers, but your follower’s followers, etc. Depending on the content of your tweet and how impressive it is (for example, breaking news or a beautiful piece of artwork), the number of Re-tweets it receives will broaden your contents impact. This also applies to things such as blog posts and articles – sharing these through Twitter is also a good way to increase your blog audience.

To demonstrate the so-called “Twitter effect”, I have screenshots of 2 different pieces of artwork I submitted yesterday around the same time to my DeviantART page. The first of these artworks I posted to Twitter, and the other I did not. The difference in hit counts after 1 hour of being submitted is large.

The piece I submitted above wasn’t linked on Twitter – instead, it was simply left to be navigated by fellow DeviantART users who watch my new pieces.

Now, this 2nd piece submitted, as you can probably tell, has quite a big difference in views compared to the un-posted piece.

Now, why is this? Well, Twitters timeline effect is similar to the “Digg effect” – where an article submitted to Digg recieves such a large number of hits that it could possibly crash the articles web server depending on the amount of traffic it receives. Twitter has the same basic effect as Digg does – the audience that your posted links and messages reach is extremely large, and this makes Twitter an invaluable marketing tool. The amount of people that your tweets can reach through search engines, Twitter’s own search tool, and the public Twitter timeline will vary depending on certain variables such as the time and day of the week and the amount of active Twitter users at the time, but regardless, the exposure your business can get through this method of marketing is monumental and, even more so since Twitter is a free service with millions of users, should be an automatic part of every bloggers, artists, freelancers and small business owners advertising arsenal.

Twitter is one of the most powerful networking and marketing tools you can use that is available for free, and I highly suggest that everyone makes use of it to leverage your business and promote your brand. The results will not disappoint!