New Photoshop Video Tutorial Series

By | November 9, 2009

Hello Small Business Tech world! Many of you, I’m sure, have graphic designers on call or in house to design ads, logos and artwork for your business. Or, even better in todays economy, you design these communication devices yourself.

If your looking to strengthen your Photoshop skills or are looking to learn a new application, my new video tutorial series, “Quick N’ Easy Photoshop”, should be the ticket for you!

“Quick N’ Easy Photoshop” was born out of the concept of having too much time on my hands between work shifts and too much design-know-how for myself. Thus, I decided it would be a great idea to share my Photoshop expertise with the world and give back to the people who have supported me in my design career throughout the years.

From beginner to intermediate or advanced Photoshop users, I am sure that “Quick N’ Easy Photoshop” will teach you something new and improve your Photoshop editing skills.

To subscribe to my YouTube channel, where I will be posting all the episodes, and watch the latest episode, please visit my channel by clicking here, and to make this post a little more interesting then just some text, here is a direct link to the first ever episode of “Quick N’ Easy Photoshop”.

Quick N’ Easy Photoshop Episode 1

Dion Rodrigues is an article contributor & editor at the Small Business Tech Blog.