Making Newspapers Personal

By | November 12, 2008

It is no secret that the newspaper world is undergoing radical changes, forced by delivery of data content to your door faster than the local newspaper person can deliver. Not just anybody can look at an old dying industry and create a fresh business model. One such person is James McIvor of Scooped!, ex sub editor of the Sun newspaper and author.

Scooped! the suitably named brand at allows you to create your own personalised newspaper to mark an occasion. Impressive enough, but why is the small business tech blog writing about this business? We’ve mentioned Scooped! before on this blog with regard to the services and software they use to manage their business. This article about the business clearly demonstrates its ability to adapt and improve it’s online presence.

There is a twitter feed which James uses to not only write personal tweets, but also to inform others of relevant news regarding his company. Not being scared to communicate and personalise his brand, you become quickly aware of not just promotions, but become better informed about James and his business.

As well as the twitter micro blog, the business has a traditional blog. In the current internet climate it is wise to utilize both types of blogs. It allows people to choose which method suits them best, thus reaching a wider audience.

Too many businesses will invest in their business and find it hard to adapt and make changes further done the line. In the large corporate and enterprise world this is because they wish to write off costs or people fail to understand the quicker pace of business and think they will look foolish. In my opinion this creates an environment that doesn’t foster the best strategies to maximize potential and grow your business.

Many in the small business world have quickly learnt that quick adjustments are often necessary. Changes need to be made quickly to improve the service or to integrate new features more seamlessly.

Scooped! has done just this, a brand new site that clearly presents the business offerings, with new features that reduce the processes from being a prospect to a client. Essentially learning what works and what doesn’t, then quickly making the right changes. Followed up by communicating this to others, coupled with a 25% promotion at the right time of year.

I highly recommend you follow Scooped! on twitter and visit their website. They are a business that are always moving forward with their online presence and many could learn from following them. Plus if you want to buy a personalized newspaper with 25% promotion currently, I would check out their site sooner rather than later!

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