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By | September 12, 2008

It’s Friday and you probably feel like this at your desk….

You probably can’t believe how fast the week has gone, you’ve been busy with work, other than reading a few great blogs *cough*, you’ve not nearly had enough time to catch up on whats new tech wise. Fear not!

There are some great Online Tech Shows that can provide bite size news and opinions on whats hot, new or to avoid. Whilst the content listed below is not geared towards business and mainly for consumers, there is a lot of cross over for small businesses and contractors. Your not about to hear about how using x,y or z will change your working life, but plenty of relevant information. I find it is a good way to stay updated with web trends and general product information.

You can download the shows to watch via your computer or on other devices. Many are available in the iTunes library and have RSS feeds. You can get the shows in various levels of video quality and different codecs. From watching in HD format to your iphone, you should find a suitable format.

In my case I’ve added the RSS feeds to gpodder on Ubuntu linux, it checks for updates and I just download the ones I want.

I’ve only just started using gpodder (linux app), but it saves me visiting the sites and is an easy watch for me personally to manage my online tech shows.

Now there is lots of great content out there such as TekZilla, but for this post I am concentrating on shows that are not long in length. So you can quickly find out some tech news when you have a free moment. There are a lot of sub 15 minute shows, but I am going to list my current favourites. So what do I recommend?


A weekly Canadian tech show which is extremely popular, high quality and well produced. The segments are short, informative and I’ve not regretted watching a show yet.

CNET TV’s Loaded

Loaded is a fast paced show released four times a week. They concentrate primarily on the major technology releases and their views are honest and refreshing.


Released five times a week, this show concentrates on new technology. Although not as fast paced as Loaded, a good amount of content is covered. I must admit even though I find the news informative it isn’t as useful as Loaded or CommandN for me personally due to the type of content. e.g. lots of new products to buy. Great show though.

Epic FU

This show won’t provide you with business information at all, but is great at finding out about new trends and creativity both in the tech world and non-tech. Its a good show to watch when you need a break and is released twice a week.

We will have follow up posts and try and find some excellent business only video content. Don’t hesitate to give feedback on how you view your shows and recommend sub 15 minute shows also.

8 thoughts on “Online Technology Shows to Watch

  1. smallbusinesstech

    Your very welcome. Looking forward to your road trip across the US.

  2. Robb Boyd

    Hello! Ran across your post here…very interesting and a good collection of some great shows.

    Would love to get your opinion of our show, Cisco’s ‘TechWiseTV’ We are 100% focused on networking technology for business. We are obviously slanted towards Cisco technologies but we try to make this as educational and fun as possible. We are geared towards a tech audience but there is generally enough high level content that I think most people can follow along.

    Check out ‘’ or



  3. smallbusinesstech

    Hi Robb,

    Thanks for the kind feedback. We will also check out your show. 🙂


  4. Amber Mac

    Thank you so much for the compliment! We love Linux at commandN, so much so that we often go to the Linux cafe more than once a day!


  5. smallbusinesstech

    Your very welcome Amber, CommandN is excellent. Thank you for the comment on the blog. 🙂

    It’s great you love Linux at CommandN and the Linux Caffe sounds like a great place.

  6. smallbusinesstech

    Thanks for leaving a comment Jeff, much appreciated.

    CommandN is a great informative watch, so it had to be on the list.

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