Points To Consider When Choosing ASP.NET Hosting For Reseller Plans

By | February 24, 2012

When selecting for a reseller plan and happen to come up with Windows ASP.NET web hosting, consider the things that you need to know first before you make that final decision. ASP.NET is a technology developed by Microsoft to help create dynamic web pages. It has a more competitive edge than a Linux web hosting because not all consumers are comfortable in using Linux as their host operating system. Moreover, Windows is very user friendly, and there are a lot of applications that run in Windows natively that Linux can’t do. Below are other advantage of ASP.NET hosting:

  • ASP.NET is built from scratch so it uses the advantage of .net framework and a rework from the previous ASP version to create a better scripting language.
  • ASP.NET is an ideal server-side scripting technology because it runs in the Windows server first before you can display it in your browser. Therefore, fixing the problem does not affect your website.
  • .NET framework is language independent; therefore, you can use C++, Java, Visual Basic, and other programming languages to develop your own web application or port any kind of code to your website.
  • It has built in Windows authentication and per user application to keep your applications secured.
  • A What You See What You Get (WYSWYG) editor is available in Microsoft Visual Studio.
  • The ASP code is smoothly mixed with HTML thus an easier way to create dynamic web page.

Choosing an ASP.NET web hosting

Customer Support

The most important feature to look for in ASP.NET web hosting is customer support. Customer support is your gateway to gathering more subscribers because if they are not convinced with how your web hosting provider deals with the customers, they will leave immediately. Their team should be able to respond to issues and solve problems quickly and in an intelligent manner.


Your reseller web hosting should be online most of the time since an hour loss is several dollars worth of loss too. Anywhere between 99.87 to 99.99% uptime is recommended so don’t pick a web hosting provider that goes below that.


If you need an upgrade since reseller web hosting grows fast especially if you have a good ASP.NET web hosting provider, you will need a bigger space and bandwidth. Is the web hosting provider you are in is flexible? Do they provide an upgrade for your reseller web hosting?


A web hosting provider has its own reputation to the people. If you want to have a successful reseller web hosting business, your ASP.NET hosting provider should be reputable and well respected. It doesn’t matter if you pay a slightly higher amount than those cheaper ASP.NET web hosting as long as it gives you all the features you want and provides what the customer needs.


Reselling a web host starts from the web hosting provider. When picking a windows web hosting, have a look at its market popularity, features, reliability, and customer support. Don’t forget that ASP.NET web hosting is a wonderful scripting language that should be in one of the best web hosting provider that you will select.

Guest Post Author Bio:- This article was written by Tom George, who is working as a .NET consultant. Tom helps people to choose the best asp hosting and asp sql hosting.