Print Screen / Screen Capture on Windows = Greenshot

By | September 4, 2009

So on ubuntu you hit the print screen keyboard button and a nifty application opens up and you can then save the screen capture to a graphics file. On microsoft windows…….. the experience wasn’t as good. That is until I used Greenshot which also is a nifty application and also feature rich.

It sits in your system tray until either you use the print screen button on your keyboard or right click on the icon and select an option. You can capture specific windows, highlight an area or the whole screen.

greenshot 2

It then opens up (very quickly) it’s application and you can either edit further or save to a graphics file. Plus there are other options to even further streamline the process.

greenshot 3

Greenshot is open source and can be found on the sourceforge site:

2 thoughts on “Print Screen / Screen Capture on Windows = Greenshot

  1. Andrew

    Hi Harsh,

    Cheers for dropping by. I vaguely remember using snag it a very long time ago, but am very happy with the open source greenshot solution. Cheers for the recommendation though.

    Best Regards


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